Daily Workout 1.27.2011


Weighted Pullups 5×5

First sub is strict pullups.  If you can’t do strict or weighted pullups, do 25 total reps at a VERY hard rubberband setting.  If you fail before 5 reps, do negatives until you reach your rep goal for that set (ex. I did 3 reps in the blue band and then 2 negative for a total of 5 reps).  Clean reps, with head neutral and chin pulled well north of the bar.


10,9,8…1 Overhead Squats (95/65)
1,2,3…10 Burpees

Hard rolls should jump over the bar on each burpee.  Scale as needed (start by lowering the rounds and/or lower the weight).

Post max 5-rep pullup and score/weight for metcon to comments.

Left:  George Heckert, wearing a cool t-shirt (from the vault!).

The gym will be closed for the 0930 class.  See you at 1700!

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