Daily Workout 4.27.11


30 Clean and Jerk (135lb/95lb)

Post time and weight to comments

Note: We will be posting an alternate workout for Thursday, since the planned sectional WOD doesn’t really go well with heavy back squats. Watch this space!

The Case AGAINST Anti-Oxidants



12 comments to Daily Workout 4.27.11

  • john

    Howdy all!

    Im late to the party on this one…but Crossfit riverfront is supporting “Delaware Boots On The Ground” which is a non-profit organization that will assist and encourage military members and families during deployment and peacetime
    by matching services to needs.

    We are all competing in a 5k today starting at 630pm if anyone is interested. It costs 22$.

    You can sign up online at: http://www.raceit.com/search/event.aspx?event=79bdd403-5c27-4b3d-bdde-41e9c1ef4241.aspx

    You can meet at crossfit riverfront from 5pm-racetime to do any pre-run workouts.


  • Christina

    First time doing Grace Rx 3:41

    Great Effort 9:30 class!

  • brian c.

    rainy day for a 5k

  • Meghan

    Congratulations Larry on getting that first and second MUSCLE UP!! Awesome to witness and it was post-wod too!!!!! Nothing like 30 clean and jerks to warm up those shoulders! Keep up the great work!

  • Helen

    Definite shout out to Larry on the muscle up – great stuff!! Must be muscle up week at the box…

    Grace: 6:32 – 68 lbs.

    Like doing the WOD with a partner/coach – thanks Kara.

  • Larry

    Meghan and Helen thanks for the support. The slow clap didn’t work for me but I still made it up, and I got to cross a goal off the board.

  • Kelley

    I’ve been slacking lately, but I did Grace 6:00 w/ 70lbs.

  • brian c.

    first time with grace tonight

    I did it Rx, but it took me 10+ minutes.

    Following up Herb and Larry, I also got my first muscle up tonight. I can hardly believe it happened myself, and there is no video footage; but I do have witnesses.

    I just bailied on tomorrow night’s class because I have a continuing education thing that runs through 7:00 PM in Fort Washington. I’ll see everyone on Friday night at the sectionals WOD.

  • Tara

    Congrats to Larry and Brian!! I was fortunate to witness Larrys MU, and it was very cool to see especially post WOD and it came out of nowhere, no one was really watching and then BAM he was up there! :)

    Grace- 63# 6:35

  • Larry

    He’ll yeah, Brian. That’s awesome! It’s officially muscle up week. Who’s next to get their first one?

  • Kara

    You get a muscle up! You get a muscle up! Everyone gets a MUSCLE UP!! (Oprah voice)

    My first Grace: 5:45 with 78#. Thanks Helen for making me put more weight on! You were a great wod buddy.

    Congrats Lar and Brian!!

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