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Daily Workout 7.2.2011


D n’ D

See attached scoresheet for movements.  Roll two six-sided dice to determine the type of exercise.  Then roll roll both dice again and multiply by the ‘multiplier’ column to determine total reps for that movement.  Repeat for a total of five movements.

D&D Scoresheet

Example:  For the exercise selection, I roll two dice and get a ’1′ and a ’4′.  Together, those equal ’5′ which equals Pushups on the scoresheet.  I repeat this process for five total two-dice rolls and now my exercises are set.  Then I go back and do my ‘rep rolls’, again using two dice.  For Pushups, I roll a ’4′ and a ’3′, totaling ’7′.  Using the multiplier, my total pushup reps will be 49 (7 times multiplier of 7).  Note:  Trainers will provide scaling if necessary.  ‘Snake-eyes’ (two ‘ones’) should be counted as ’13′ and not ’2′. You may make one rep switch between movements, if you choose.

For the workout, start with any of your five rolled movements and complete all reps assigned.  Follow each movement with a run or row of 400m.  Repeat until all five movements and runs/rows are completed. Workout ends on the run or row.

NOTE: We’re going to change the rules this time and roll ONE set of dice for the whole class, so that everyone does the same WOD.


  • Helen
    July 2, 2011

    Always a fun WOD…thanks Andy! Time: 31:47

    25 burpees
    63 box jumps (16″)
    70 lunges
    50 pull ups (blue/purple band)
    7 rope climbs (standard sub – 21x)

    400m runs after each movement

  • Andy P.
    July 2, 2011

    25 burpees
    70 walking lunges
    63 box jumps (20″)
    50 pullups (scaled from a roll of 70)
    7 rope climbs

    400 m runs after each


    Hey, who comes up with this sugar honey iced tea? ; )

  • Mon
    July 2, 2011

    10 a.m. class:
    49 Wall Balls
    10 Dips (or pushups)
    56 Pullups
    25 Burpees
    63 Box Jumps
    33:05 scaled to 30 reps on blue+purple band for PU, and subbed pushups for dips. 20″ box for box jumps.

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