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Daily Workout 7.6.2011


Heather O'Brien



Push Press – 3 ‘drop sets’ of 3 reps/2 drops

Example: I did this workout a few weeks ago. I loaded the bar with 175 and did a set of 3. I immediately stripped 20 pounds off of the bar (now 155) and did three more reps. After that, I again immediately stripped weight and finished out with 3 reps at 135.

I kept the same weights for the other two sets and it was very challenging for me. If you find that the first set was too easy or too hard, make adjustments. Rest as needed between sets (but not between drops).

Based on your skill/strength, you may want to adjust the weight of the drops. I could see some folks going with 15 or 10 pound drops in place of my 20′s.


Run 400m x4

Rest exactly half of your last set. So, if the first 400m takes you 1:50, you should rest exactly 55 seconds before going again. Keep a calculator handy if you’re no good at math on the fly.

Post weights for Push Press and interval times to comments. Compare weights and times to 6.8.2011



  • Sheldon
    July 6, 2011

    Just a reminder, tonight at 8 pm is the first Oly Club open gym session!

  • Helen
    July 6, 2011

    Strength: Push Press – drop sets:
    75, 70, 65
    80, 75, 70
    85×1, 80×2, 70×3, 65×3

    Metcon: Up-n-Down Fran
    9-15-21-15-9: 45lb thrusters
    3-5-7-5-3: kipping pullups

    Time: 11:56

    Thanks Col for giving Jacki & I this metcon option!

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