Daily Workout 9.29.2011

Brianna LePard


Deadlift 5, 5, 5+
@ 65%, 75%, and 85% of 90% of your one-rep max.


Brianna’s Last Stand

Run 800 meters x 3

Rest 2 minutes in between sets

Post weights, reps, and time to comments.

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Eight Extreme Condiment Delivery Methods

Brianna LePard is moving to Pittsburgh ¬†soon. Wish her goodbye and good luck at Barnaby’s tonight in Havertown after the evening WODs. We’ll miss you, Brianna!

24 comments to Daily Workout 9.29.2011

  • Larry

    Great job by the 5:30 class.

    Welcome back, Kishani!

  • Larry

    And congrats to Brian Coyle. Four days in a row at the 5:30 am class. Still rocking his two-a-days. Manimal.

  • Kara

    Strength: 155 x 10
    Metcon: 3:59/4:01/4:12 = 16:12

    Nice job, everyone! Especially Liz and Kishani for doing FGB at that ungodly hour!

  • Brian C.

    Thanks, Larry!

    Great to see Kishani back in the box!

    Strength (Deadlift): 265 x 10
    Metcon: 3:03, 3:47, 3:48 (a stomach issue that developed at the end of round 1 complicated my time for round 2)

  • Sheldon

    Showed up this morning to do the runs. I’m a diva, I don’t lift heavy weights at 5:30 am!

    1 – 3:06 (with Coyle as a rabbit)
    2 – 3:20 (with Coyle as a coyote – that’s the opposite of a rabbit, right?)
    3 – 3:28 (with Rich tracking me, and eventually passing me)

    Thank you to Rich and Coyle for the push. That first one was absolutely an 800m PR, the other two could have been better than my old PR for all I know. Feels good to be getting better at something on the ISA List.

    Speaking of Coyle’s 4 two-a-days in a row, I’d like to refer you back to number 10 of this list…


  • Mon

    Nice job, Sheldon!

  • Kevin B.

    Strength – 275# x 11
    Metcon – 13:55 (3:18/3:20/3:17) (time to beat)

  • Kevin B.

    Sheldon, did you guys take a little longer than 2:00 rest? Your splits don’t add up with what’s on the board. You were at 14:06.

  • Sheldon

    There must have been a few seconds when I was like “where the hell is Brian?” before starting the 2nd run while he was having “stomach issues”. I was also using my own watch to time the individual intervals because I’m lazy and didn’t want to do math so I might have been off a few clicks on the big clock.

    With that being said, coming in that close to you on a running WOD makes me feel like a stud.

  • Brian C.

    I only ran the 3:03 because I needed to get back to a bathroom stat.

  • Blaise

    What the F who am I gonna compete against tonight?!?!?! Belza Coyle and Sheldon are all done??? :(

  • Joy

    lol. You guys crack me up. This woulda been a perfect workout for me training for my mudder but alas, I had to get my sleep habit in and the 5:30 was the only time I coulda made if not for the sleeping bit. I DID however get in my Insanity plyometric cardio circuit this afternoon in btwn jobs and hated every minute of it. Those workouts are brutal but good!

  • Christiane Connor

    Strength – #185 x 10
    Metcon – Total 14:41

  • Maddy

    Strength – #125 x 10
    Metcon – Total 14:37

    My Last Workout! But I will be back again soon!! You have all been so kind and friendly…you’ll all be missed!

  • Tom

    Strength – 215×11
    Metcon – 15:15
    I did this work out less then a month ago and I added 30lbs to the deadlift and shaved a little over 1 minute off my run. I am pretty happy.

  • Liz

    Thanks Kara, but NEVER again will I do a 530am class again!! Brutal. lol

  • Jim

    315×7, 15:00

    Best of luck in Pittsburgh, Brianna. Come back and wod with us when you can.

  • Kevin B.

    Skill Work: Max Snatch Balance – 150# (body weight)

  • Mon

    Deads: 230×8
    Did the Chief with Laura: 13+3+2 rx’d. First time rx’d. Not spectacular, but my pushups weren’t bullshit, so I’m satisfied.
    Thanks to BC for timing and the encouragement.
    OK, Belza, what are you taking? Out with it.

  • Brian C.

    PM Skills Session:

    5 Rounds of
    20 Weighted Situps (50#)
    20 Overhead Walking Lunges (25#)
    10 Light Deadlifts (135#)

  • Brian C.

    Good luck in the ‘burgh, Brianna!

  • Joy

    Seriously, Kevin is ridiculous!

  • Casey Taub

    Strength: 160×7
    Metcon: 20:30
    Those hills are a killer!

  • Blaise

    Strenght: 285X10
    Metcon: 13:58. Officially setting beating Belza at a metcon as my goal.

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