Daily Workout 5.2.12


For time:

150 Double Unders
100 Squats
50 Toes to Bar
Rest 1 minute

Max Wall Walks for 3 minutes
Rest 1 minute

Max TGUs for 3 minutes

Post time and thoughts on this insanity to comments!

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17 comments to Daily Workout 5.2.12

  • Sheldon

    That video is sofa king sweet! Go Heather!

  • Jody

    Awesome job, Heather!! Congrats! :)

  • Rob Miller

    Nice work, Heather!

    Wall walks need to be ‘thighs on the wall’.. TGU weights are 35/25, respectively.

  • Mon

    Ridiculous. Heather, you continue to amaze me!

    Also this workout: YOWZA

  • Brian Coyle

    Heather did awesome at the meet! Glad there was video of her squat, because I only got to see bench.

  • Diana

    22:08 with following subs: 50 DUs + 300 SUs; 50 knees-to-chest.

    Good: My wall walks have greatly improved.
    Needs Improvement: Double Unders. They were feeling solid during warmup, but then I just didn’t have it during the WOD.

  • Phil Gags

    Great Job Heather!

    Metcon: 23:40 Rx (15 wall walks/10 TGUs)

    This was a tough but fair WoD. Dont let the numbers scare you aware. It is worth doing a WoD like this that has a bunch of skill work.

  • Joy

    Good work, Heather!

  • Maura

    Nice Job Heather!!

  • Lauren

    23:50. The rhythm of 2 SU and 1 DU is a good one but couldn’t keep it up for more than three in a row. Scaled it down to 100 because it was just taking too long and I wanted to complete the WOD. Did kipping knee-to-bar attempts and partial wall walks–arms kind shot by then! Used #10 dumbbell for Turkish getups after all that arm use. Have learned not to rush those Turkish getups!

  • Lauren

    Forgot to say, 12 wall walks and 16 TGUs.

  • Blaise

    HOLY Crap Heather Squatted 215!!!!!!!! Super impressed.

  • Kara

    16:20 for the first part (KTE instead of TTB), then 9 wall walks and 12 TGUs at 25#. The hardest part for me was not peeing my pants during double unders! And those darn TTB. Everyone was working hard, especially Moira. Nice job 5pm class!

  • Helen

    16:54 for metcon portion with combined DU’s & attempts. Also did ‘toes/knees as close to the bar as possible’. Had 8 wall walks and 7 TGU’s. Could not get a TGU with my left arm….

  • Kevin B.

    9:57/13/10 rxd

  • josh


  • Moira

    Thanks for the support Kara! I was DETERMINED to get the first part done RX’d….I did – but took a LONG time doing it! Had 9 wall walks and 11 TGU’s @ 20#. oh, and good luck with the peeing of the pants feeling – especially after having kids….wait for box jumps!!!!!!

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