Daily Workout 6.14.12


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Barbell Thrusters (95/65)

Post score to comments and compare to 1.6.12.

Intermediate: 75/55; Pullups to nose or eye level, or double jumpers.

Learn the Thruster and work on Pullup skills.

Fran weights will be variable; jumping Pullups 1:1.

CrossFit and the Need for Strict Pullups

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30 comments to Daily Workout 6.14.12

  • Richard R

    Second time I am going to miss Fran. Might have to make this up in a few weeks.

  • Lauren

    And I’m taking a pass on Fran. Too much gardening and cleaning to do before a barbecue at my house Saturday. Can I consider these chores to be my own personal Fran? No? Well, it was worth a try. Good luck, all.

  • Mary H.

    Okay, who wants to join me for a drive-by of Lauren’s house tomorrow between 9:30 and 10:30 and see if she’s really out pulling weeds?

    I might actually consider doing this just for fun, but (1) I don’t know where Lauren lives, and (2) …oh yeah, I’ll be DOING FRAN.

    The 9:30 crew isn’t gonna let you off the hook so easily next time, Miss Lauren ;-)

  • Richard R

    Also, interesting Fran-like crossfit endurance WOD today, which I did not do:

    Thrusters (95/65)

    I’m going to call it “Difranne”. Considering how bad my thrusters and HSPUs are, this is about the worst thing I can imagine.

  • Chris

    Show up and bring the “A” game today people! BENCHMARK WOD

  • Phil Gags

    Great job this morning. There were a lot of really good first time Fran times.

    6.29 Rx

    Last time I did it at the Y, by myself, using 85#. I did it in 11.10.

  • Dan A.

    Nice job, Phil! I’m in for an 1/8 of a cow.

  • Andrew

    Great job to everyone this morning. It ran efficiently and everyone did great. Thanks to everyone in the first heat that still stuck around to push those of us that did the 2nd heat!!!

    8:56 @ 80# (scaled)

    Last time I was at 7:10 @ 65# so I am going to take this as an improvement and am definitely happy with it. Next time I will be going Rx.

  • Lloyd

    This was my first time doing Fran. Only been crossfitting for four months. 7:15Rx. After Tuesday my wrists are smoked. I think I said another 4 letter F word between gasps a couple of times.

  • posey

    FRAN: 5:38 #55 lb thrusters and jumping pull-ups. Ran a broomile afterwards. Working on my kip…..I think I can, I think I can…..goal for the month of July.

    Great job to Chris who did Fran afterwards. RX’d at something ridiculous like 4:30!

  • Kevin Messner

    Last time I did Fran prolly around 9 months ago, I got 5:49. Today I pr’d again with a time of 4:54. Thanks to rob for yelling at me for the last 5 pull ups. I will be working on stretching my forearms out for the rest of the day

  • Karl

    6:30 85 lbs, 9-6-3 pullups.

    After the metcon, Rob gave me tip about kipping pullups and lo and behold….I have kipping pullups now. Thanks Rob. And thanks Dan.

  • Mary H.

    Fran: 6:28 @ 55#, kipping reps scaled to 12-9-6

    Thrusters. Urrrrgh. Rx? Someday!

    P.S. Also really appreciated the “Need for Strict Pull-ups” article/link on today’s post. I suspect this might be why my right shoulder plagues me; I can string several kips together, but have yet to achieve a single strict — clearly lacking strength in some key shoulder areas. Note to self: New goal by end of summer = strict pull-up, strict chin-up.

  • Angela

    Just wanted to report on a super fun experience last night…I joined Trap Door Athletics for one of their flash mob WODS (it was supposed to be a rest day for me but I couldn’t resist!). Box jumps onto the fountain ledge in Love Park / running / push-ups in teams of three. Super fun stuff. They’re going to continue to do these regularly, I’ll try to share info in advance next time; it would be cool to have a CFDV crew!

  • Chris

    PRed thanks Jet for gettig me to calm down!
    4:30 RX
    Just tied to split the reps in half for every set front loaded and take three breaths between. I really don’t think there is any way I could be happier with this workout. Thanks for all the additional support from the 9:30 crew who hung out!

  • Monica

    @Angela – Emily and Cassie, the girls who started Trap Door, are good friends of mine. Great people. I’ll let you know if they are planning any more WODs in the future!

    @Mary H. be careful. I had a labrum strain in my right shoulder that I am still rehabbing. I’m pretty certain it’s from kipping too much, too soon. I would recommend everyone back off on kipping pullups until you have a strict pullup.

  • Michelle

    Fran: 5:38 21-15-9 with 35# and jumping pull ups. Great job by Kevin and Chris today!!

  • Hercules

    Met the real Fran today for the first time – the one with initials RX and the same one that must have had a very unhappy childhood….9:48. I’m having my 6 year old type this as I am waiting for feeling to return to my arms….

  • Hercules

    I’m in for 1/8 share of a happy cow.

  • Kristyn

    8:31 Intermediate with jumpers. This was the first time I met Fran and I don’t think she likes me very much….not sure how I feel about her yet either.

    I literally could not move afterward. I just laid on the floor and closed my eyes for a while.

    Glad I did it though but don’t want to do it again for a while. ;)

  • Ryan L.

    First time rocking Fran. 5:59 75#/RX pullups. My lungs actually hurt afterwards…good stuff. I could get used to getting my WOD on during lunch…

  • Valerie

    This was my second time rxing fran, still gotta work on stringing my pullups together.
    8:21 rx Great job to everyone at the noon class I enjoyed coming at noon today!

  • Kevin B.

    5:07 rx (1 sec PR)

  • Lauren


    What you said about not doing kipping pull-ups until you have a strict pullup is interesting. I never heard that before. I am much closer to kipping than strict!

  • Jacki

    Fran tried to introduce me to Pukie, but I was having none of that! Lol. 7:16 rx! This was my first time completing Fran rx’d. My previous time was 7:38 using the rx’d weight and a blue band for the pullups…beat myself by 22 seconds, I’ll take that! Great job to my fellow “nooners”! :)

  • Jabari Whitehead

    I met Fran at my first crossfit experience tonight. Fran and I need to get on better terms. I loved the intensity and the positive atmosphere. I can’t wait for my next session. Thanks for the learning experience. I appreciated how thorough Bob and the two other guys were in their teaching. See you soon!

  • Jabari Whitehead

    By the way… My first time with Fran @ 75lbs (21, 15, 9) was 7:24. I need to get in shape. Bob had to break out the sundial to monitor my time.

  • Josh

    7:55 rx, 1st time actually completing…tried doing it a few open gyms and called it a day once I got to 10 thrusters. I was on pace for my goal of sub 3 minutes and then I got tired. I was so close…maybe next time

  • Sheldon

    Got to spend a rare night at the box tonight. After hearing about all these solid numbers I had to get in there and give it my all. My old PR on 3/22/11 was 5:47.

    Tonight – 4:09 and with some horrible inefficiencies like almost doing a back squat thruster in round one. I am going sub 4 next time!

    Also – huge props to the Elements crew tonight. Some straight animals in the waiting!

  • Jabari Whitehead

    Thanks for the support Sheldon! You were in straight beast mode last night. It was definitely motivating. DO WORK!

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