Daily Workout 8.13.12

Kait Clark

Strength & Assistance Work

Push Press 5×3 (add 2.5 lbs from last time)

GTG Pistols


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Front Squats (95/65)
Russian KB Swings (53/35)
Double Unders

INT: FS – 75/55, KB – 53/35, count DU attempts
ELE: FS – whatever weight can be used with good form, KB – 35/26, DU – 3x singles

Post stats for strength and time for metcon to comments. No, really, DO IT!

Registration is now OPEN for the Gymnastics Clinic at CFDV on Saturday, Oct. 20th! Info here.

23 comments to Daily Workout 8.13.12

  • KB

    Russian or American?

  • Kara

    Russian – we’re all Russian, all the time, unless noted otherwise. Merica!

  • Stacie

    So happy to do another Metcon today! Push press 75#x3. GTG pistols on a 20″ box 5×3 each leg.
    21-15-9 55# FS, 53# KB, and knee tucks as a sub for double unders (not yet cleared for impact movements).
    I believe my time was 5:31 but don’t quote me…check the white board.

    I <3 CROSSFIT!!!!

  • Richard R

    Open Gym:
    12 sets of 2 back squats on the 0:45 @ 135#

    Then todays Metcon RX in 8:44.

    That was a lot of squatting in 1 hour.

  • (Member at large… I promise to return once my summer trips are done..)

    Push Press: 3/3/3/3/3 [155#]

    MetCon 4:42 Rx
    (surprisingly little air in this workout….)

  • [...] ‘that is our life’s work’. Today’s WOD was inspired by my home box at CFDV. Warmup – 500m rowing for speed  [1:39] – 100 double unders Strength – Push Press 5/5/5/5/5   [...]

  • Jaime

    Push press 2×3 @ 115# time constraint

    Metcon: 7:02
    FS 55#, KB 35#, 3x singles (still working on DU)

  • Brittany C

    Last day of vacation and would like to try this one but don’t have KB’s here at this small gym. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could sub the KB’s out for using DB’s??


  • Strength: 150 x 2
    Metcon: Quad burner! 5:58 Rx

    Starting to get the hang of pistols.

  • Chris

    Thanks to my rabbit (Phil) and my in my face competitor (Jackie) metcon time was 3:38 RX. I am not sure what is going on in my legs but I have a feeling I will like it less tomorrow.
    Push press 165 5 sets of 3.

  • Jim

    Awesome time Chris! I definitely want to try this one again to see if I can get closer to that mark.

    180 5×3, 4:38 rx

  • Jody

    Brittany, maybe try the WOD with DB (push) presses instead of the KBs? I am always trying to sub stuff when I WOD from home :)

    Awesome 12pm class today. Great people and great job to all on the WOD! Jim Hurd killed it today – he totally channeled his inner football player.

    6:25 Rx 65# FS & Rx+ 53# KB

    Thanks Maura for all of the bday wishes, and hope to join the other nooners when Herb and I return from vaca in 2 weeks!

  • Maura

    Great Noon class today!! Awesome work!

    Jody doing RX+ on her Bday!!!

  • Kara

    Push Press: 105×3

    Metcon: 5:57 Rx+ with the 44# KB. Should have gone for the 53, dang it! Then DU practice with Jeff afterwards. He thanked me for the worst cool-down ever. You are welcome, buddy!

    Excellent music tonight. Sleigh Bells! They’re the best!

  • Brittany C

    Thanks for the suggestion, Jody! Switched out the KB swings for DB Push Press. Started with 25 then had to lower to 15 by the end. It kicked my butt! 8:00 minutes flat.

  • Helen

    Strength: 75×3

    Metcon: 7:57 INT

  • josh

    Strength: 155#
    Metcon: 5:12 rx+(no 55’s left for kb swing used a 72#)

  • Gordon

    Strength: 115#
    Metcon: 8:36 RX

  • Jeff

    I love all the RX+ Bad ass! And seriously Kara, ~10 minutes of double under practice after a WOD has to rank up there, at least next to Larry’s worm crawl warm up thing for sure.

    6:52 with double singles. And at least 5 no-rep worthy squats if I am being honest.

  • KB

    Push Press: 140×3
    Metcon: 4:13 rx

  • Jen

    Push Press: 75
    Metcon: 7:55 RX weights with singles

  • Joy

    I thought I did this Rx + but then realized I didn’t. Grrrr. Oh well, I still got a nice workout out of it (esp since I’ve been in Vacation mode the past 2 1/2 weeks).
    Push Press
    and ran out of time. I was struggling with my push presses – almost always wanna push jerk it – but I had fun with em. Then the metcon was 4:38 with
    53# FS and 44# KB.

  • Joy

    Have pistols on my right leg but did assisted with my left since I’m still healing an overuse injury on that left knee

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