Daily Workout 8.14.12

Congrats to Kristyn Sparacino, who PR'd her time by 13 minutes at the SheROX Triathlon!


Turkish Getups: 15 minutes to find max R/L


Partner Workout

For time:
50 Deadlifts (255/165)
100m Sliders
800m Front Squat Walk (115/75)

INT: 225/145, FSW – 95/55

Partners will complete the following, for time:

5 rounds of:
10 Deadlifts (135/95, scale as needed, 5 reps each partner, split any way)
14 Burpees-over-the-Bar (7 each partner, split any way)


100 Situps (split any way between the partners)


800m Farmers Walk with one handle (70/50, scale as needed)

First duo back to the box wins!

Post your TGU weights and time for metcon to comments.

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15 comments to Daily Workout 8.14.12

  • Casey

    Congrats again Kristyn!!

  • Mary H.

    Yay, Kristyn! Way to go :-)

  • Diana

    Awesome job Kristyn!

    Strength: TGU 44 lbs R / 40 lbs L. Almost completed 44 lbs on the L, but started to lose stability at the very end. Thanks to Anne for spotting so I didn’t drop it on my head.

    Metcon: 19:20 Rx lite with Anne (75lb FS walk / 145lb DL).

  • Phil Gags

    Nice job Kristyn….

    72#R/53#L TGU- We dont have any 60# Kbs so had to make the jump. No success with the left.

    14.48 – Partner w/ Kyle. Rx

  • Stacie

    Congrats Kristyn. That is an amazing accomplishment.

  • Ryan M.

    Congrats Kristyn

    New TGU PR: R&L 32kg (~71 lbs?)
    Partners with Richard – 16:58 Rx

  • Larry

    Great job, Kristyn! That’s an awesome PR.

    Phil, there is one KB with light blue tape on the handle that is around 62ish lbs. No excuses. Play like a champion.

  • Dan A.

    Larry, you’ve been away from 0530 a while, maybe nobody told you: Phil always plays like a champion. He’s got a great headband, too.

    Nice job, Kristyn!

  • Angela

    I am really excited to do this WOD tonight…big ups to Larry and Rob for excellent programming these past few months; there have been a lot of really interesting and challenging WODS.

  • Jaime

    This was a good one!
    Jodi and I did this Rx in 29:02. The sliders were killer!

  • Maura

    Beautiful job by the nooners today as always!!! Nice work!!

  • 53# R/L enjoyed partnering with Phil. Managed to avoid hitting/getting hit by any cars on the rack walk. My legs are super sore from the last two days!

  • Kara

    Great WOD! Also, great partner. If you can ever pair up with Angela, she’s swell and she’ll even do an extra round of sliders for you! We were 15:46 Rx.

    TGU was 53# with right (ending was a little dangerous though) and 44# for the left.

    Really good job to everyone.

  • KB

    TGU: 65# (barbell)
    Metcon: 12:17 rx (partnered w/ Rob)

  • Angela

    After the WOD, Kara and I practiced some competitive complimenting as part of the cool-down. “You’re the best!” No, you’re the best!!” “You are!!!” At any rate, SHE’S the best!

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