CFDV Level Test

Check out the above video on our new Level Test process! Please ask questions in the comments of this post and we’ll answer ‘em asap.

CFDV White Band

CFDV Green Band

If you’d like to register for our first Level One test (and possibly Level Two), please click here. It’s free!

37 comments to CFDV Level Test

  • Dan A.

    Are pullups strict or kipping in the Green Band test? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  • Dennis

    I’m not sure if I am reading this correctly or understanding it correctly, so basically I am lost. haha. For the white band on the Metcon portion you have to do five rounds of that in under 8 minutes? So that is rowing five times, KB five rounds, and burpees for five rounds? Can you shed a little insight. Thank you.

  • Diana

    What is the rest period, if any, between each of the Green Band movements?

  • Diana

    (Just realized I should probably watch the video first before asking questions – sorry.)

  • Dennis

    Disregard my previous statement. I understand how it works. Sorry…………….long day.

  • Rob

    Dan – any style of full-range pullup will be accepted.

    Dennis – Just one row of 500m, then five rounds of the KB/Burpee couplet.

    Diana – We’re not going to mandate a strict cutover period. It’ll probably average about 4-7 minutes per test.

    Thanks, guys! Great questions. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Mary

    Love the idea of assisting in goal building for members. Provides something to shoot when in doubt.

    How will working on these skills be incorporated into the programming?
    Will more open gyms be added?
    How will space be allocated for individuals working on skills in preparation for the testing?

  • Brittany

    I love it. It’s the presidential physical fitness test gone mad! I’m excited. Two questions,

    1. How often will the tests be administered? For instance, if I fail (or “not pass”) the test, do I request a re-test when I feel that I have improved on the needed skills, or will there be a set date for retests?

    2. Are you allowed to take the test as many times as you need to pass?


  • Tara

    This looks like a great idea but of course I have question/s,

    Is this mandatory because for someone like me recovering from toe surgery, I cannot do some of the movements or I can but not very well so I am not sure how that works? Obviously I am neither band at this point then correct? :)

    Of course I want to improve on everything at CrossFit but my main focus is getting my butt there when my children don’t prevent me because of their own activities, getting a good workout which I always do, and seeing my numbers/weights/times improve.

  • Tara

    Correction, I definitely am NOT green band, lol

  • Rob

    Mary – I think that the skills are already in the workouts (sprinkled in per our ‘constantly varied’ programming). I don’t foresee us changing the class calendar to accommodate extra practice sessions, since we have Open Gym on Sundays and most classes (save the busiest nighttime sessions) have extra room to work on stuff. I would tell members that need extra skill help to hit Open Gym or get their warmup done quickly so they have time to practice.

    Britt – For now, we’re going to do this test on the 2nd and another test in Mid-March. After that we’ll probably go to a monthly testing schedule. Yes, you can definitely retake the test!

    Tara – Not mandatory at all! You can wait until you’re fully healed to try this. And I hear what you’re saying about focus.. Think of this as focus on top of your focus.

    If an athlete does not have a corresponding band, then they’ll pick whichever programming level seems appropriate.

  • Isaac G.

    Will we also be judged on board breaking and katas? :P

  • When do we wrestle the alligators in the tank of sharks?

  • Rob

    Haha, smartasses. :)

  • Larry

    Isaac, that may be in the red band test, along with nun chuck proficiency.

    Now bow to your sensei.

  • Helen

    Good idea and gives me some goals for making my way back into CF. Right now, I think either band will kill me!

  • Rob told me to sweep Larry’s leg when he lands on the floor during box jumps. :D

  • Sheldon

    My question is, do we get ACTUAL wrist bands to wear?!

    And, do we have to do all of the green band tests in a one-hour block or can it be checked off over time? Can any trainer approve our skills for that at any time or does it have to be during the offered session?

    My last one is more of a suggestion than a question…but some of us have a VERY hard time getting to the gym for one specific day/time (say, Saturday March 2nd at 10:30 AM) – would it be possible to just program the White Band test day into a normal day of programming so more people can knock it out?

  • Dan A.

    Why hasn’t this video gone viral yet, Larry? I hope there’s not an actual band because I can’t wear stuff on my wrists when I work out. Also don’t like when people touch me when I’m eating.

  • Liz

    I really like the idea of this and the goals that have to be met. But right out the gate though I know my main weekness is squats with weights. Will you give instruction on how to improve on this? How much time is spent on improving? Do we practice on our own time and retest when we think we’ve improved? Is the testing only done on saturdays?

  • On a serious note, I do like the idea of having an objective measure of fitness I can use to measure my progress. It’s still my first year in xfit, so I see progress all the time in all kinds of things, but it’d be nice to have a complete picture. I think these guidelines are a step in the right direction. It’s like an addition to my own internal competition against myself and against others in the box…just another way to push myself harder than I would without such stimulus.

  • Jeff

    I 2nd Sheldon’s questions about the logistics for the green and doing it over time (perhaps as individual accomplishments during normal workout days?)

  • josh

    If we show up to the gym without our band will we be turned away and have “NO FITNESS FOR YOU!” exclaimed?

  • Rob


    Yes, actual bands. Ask me when you see me about that. What a pain in the ass!

    And all of the requirements must be checked off during a specific session, which will NOT be offered as a ‘Hey Trainer X – can you test me?’ kind of gig.

    We will offer the test on non-Saturdays if necessary. Probably during the Open gym hour if enough people want/need it. I would be willing to throw a testing day into the middle of the week too.

  • Rob


    Let’s talk offline about squatting.

    Yes, practice on your own and retest when you think you’re ready.

    Check Shel’s answer block re: testing days.

  • Rob

    Jeff & Shel: The test is way easier if you ‘do it over time’. I like doing it at once.. Maybe it’s the old martial artist in me but I remember the sense of anticipation before testing days and while part of that was hard, reaching the goal and getting the belt was super addictive. I want that same feeling with these tests.

  • Rob

    Josh – No need to wear the bands if you don’t want to.

  • KB

    I did something similar to the green band test at my previous box. Logistically the testing was run like a competion. People were assigned heats. The first heat wouldn’t start on the second skill test until the last heat finished the first skill test, giving people ample time to recover between skill tests. This also cut down the number of judges needed. Total time depended on number of heats.

  • Mary H.

    Maybe you could offer John McEnroe-style headbands as an alternative for folks who don’t like to wear wrist bands.

  • Sheldon

    I want a Survivor “buff”.

  • Trip


    I am assuming you would recommend not doing the WOD scheduled for Friday (3/1) if we are doing the test on Saturday, correct?


  • Coyle

    I also want a survivor buff.

  • Rob

    We can do Buffs. No problem.

  • Mary

    If we go buffs, I want in…..

  • Diana

    What, pray tell, is a survivor buff? The googlenet did not help me.

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