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  • Johnna

    After seeing that…
    I’m in!

  • posey

    OMG, you guys are cracking me up! I defs see a future in the entertainment industry for the both of you. Lar, your character needs a name and he should make appearances periodically! Perhaps we could take votes on what his name should be???

    1. Orville Beaverhausen

  • Dan A.

    I resent you guys using my likeness to promote the Open. I already signed up, anyway. Di#ks

  • Sheldon

    Serious LOLz flying around here. WARNING: do not try to consume food while watching this video, it will end up all over your screen!

    I’m with Posey, Larry’s alter-ego needs a name and he should be in character for all of the Friday night Open WODs! I don’t know how Rob kept a straight face. I want to see the outtakes video.

  • Diana

    Doomsday preppin’ and Joy Division records? Alopecia? Dying.

  • Posey

    Sheldon, we need to meet!

  • Kara

    Sheldon and Posey…you can meet AT THE OPEN!!!

    Getting really excited for my weekly date with the Liquid Snatch. We’re doing this Friday Night Lights-style, meaning I’m Tim Riggins and I’m drinking everything after I kick ass on the football field. Let’s do this!

    Also, when Bo says “wrasslin’ the old lady,” does he mean…ME??

  • bobby

    Rob, your faces of sheer flabbergasted-ness are priceless. Thanks for the help with the muscle-ups tonight.

  • Kait

    Well, this was probably the most phenomenal thing I have ever seen. I too enjoy taxerdermized beaver skins and wrestling the old lady. Needless to say, you have changed this girl’s mind. I will be signing up for this Open. This will be the start of my doomsday prepping. Thanks for the push fellas.

  • Brittany Caprice

    I lost it at “wrestlin’ the old lady..” Question! Multiple heats on Friday nights, so if I show up at 6:30 and all heats haven’t finished, can I still participate that night rather than Saturday? Or do you have to be there at go time?

  • Jason

    Kait, Yeaaaah!!

    Can’t wait to see everyone (and Larry’s alter ego) at the Open!

  • Helen

    Really, really funny! I agree with Posey & Sheldon about Larry’s alter ego needing a name (though, Orville Beaverhausen works pretty well!) and should be in character.

  • Dennis

    Hahahah that is hilarious. You need a stronger mustache glue. When is this? I’m in for sure!

  • Lauren

    Oh, I think this video alone is worth the $20.00.

  • Dennis

    I mean what Friday does it start

  • Rob

    Britt – If you can get there by 630 you should be ok.

    Dennis – The first WOD will be announced next Wednesday!

  • Angela

    You are the best weirdos ever. (Rob and Larry.) (Well, the rest of you too!)

  • Ryan M

    This was hilarious. Perhaps a silly question – when registering, should we join both the CFDV affiliate AND the CFDV “team”, or just join the affiliate? I don’t want want to join the CFDV “Team” if that’s meant to be a small group who has already planned to do the Open as a selective team. I’m not really sure how the Open works regarding Teams.

  • Larry

    Ryan, join both the team and the affiliate. The “team” is not exclusive. And that goes for everyone signing up for the Open. Make sure to edit your profile to assign yourself to CFDV as both your affiliate and your team. Word.

  • Dana

    I may have to sign up just because you two did the video. I wonder how Zach would feel about that?

    How does the scoring work this year? Do we have from Weds to Sunday to complete the WOD and post our score? I’ll be working SXSW for the first one… it’s very unlikely that I’ll get the time to do it while in Austin.

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