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CrossFit Power Couple: Stacey Mayrides & Zach Frankhouser


In the month of February, we’ll be celebrating our CrossFit couples! Look for couple profiles throughout the month.

Zach & Stacey, together 8 years, married 2.5 years.

How did you meet?
Stacey: In college at Penn State, I pestered the crap out of him until he finally agreed to date me :)
Zach: In the dorms of Penn State South, through mutual friends.

When did you start coming to CFDV? Whose idea was it?
Stacey: January 2009. Zach was coaching and pretty much had to drag me. I had just completed the Philly Marathon but I couldn’t even do a push-up. I was terrified! Best decision ever though!
Zach: Thanksgiving break 2007, and then all the time when I moved here after college. I was all about Crossfit in college before I even knew that Crossfit gyms even existed.

What’s the best thing about CrossFitting / Barbell Clubbing with your significant other? What’s the worst?
Stacey: We are both gym rats so it’s great to get to spend that time together and see each other make gains and improvements. The worst thing is that poor Zach has to deal with my wrath any time he corrects my form, etc. I’m not always as nice to him as I should be when he’s coaching me. He should get an award for training his wife…not an easy task!
Zach: Best- That we share a common interest that runs both of our lives in the same positive direction. I’m so proud of Stace and all she’s accomplished. I love how it feeds forward for her so that her goals just get more awesome. I like to see her example of what’s possible with some concentrated effort. Worst- When I can’t coach her because she doesn’t like a cue or an exercise. There will typically be a weekly fight over exercise prescription.

How has CFDV impacted your relationship?
Stacey: It has made it way stronger and given us something to really connect over. We both love to talk fitness, training, diet etc. all day every day. We’re definitely that couple :)
Zach: For the better, for reasons above. I can’t really imagine our relationship without the gym. People ask us what we’ve been doing and we just run it off in the same sentence: “Oh you know, work and the gym.”

Are you competitive with each other?
Stacey: No way, Zach knows I can totally squat WAY more than him so he doesn’t even bother trying to compete. I respect that.
Zach: Not in the gym, as I would get carried away talking smack and Stace would cry. Unless it’s max chins or running, then Stace wins. She also wins at all real life activities- kayaking, throwing footballs, etc.

Name a time when you were most proud or impressed with your significant other.
Stacey: I am proud of him every time I see him in the gym. Whether he is working out or coaching barbell club, he puts his all into it. His knowledge and strength continues to impress and amaze me every single day.
Zach: At the strongwoman competition at Iron Sport. Training for that competition changed her whole take on training, not to mention her physique. It was so cool to see her pull that 250lb axle deadlift and crush the stones. It was also way cool when Stace started doing weighted chin-ups. That’s the paradigm of girl baddassness in my book.

Complete this sentence: If my significant other were an animal, he or she would be a (blank) because (blank):
Stacey: I’m thinking bear because why they heck not?
Zach: A graceful bird, like a swan. Have you seen those feather fingers?

You vs. your SO in a wing eating contest: who wins and why?
Stacey: Is this even a serious question?
Zach: I do, I practice with 3lbs+ of wings at a single meal at least once a week.


  • Kate I.
    February 28, 2013

    This was a neat feature this month…I had no idea there were so many CrossFit couples!

  • Angela
    February 28, 2013

    These two! Best dudes. Also, I laughed a lot at “feather fingers.”

  • Sheldon
    February 28, 2013

    Being able to train together, and especially being able to coach your significant other, is the definition of a good relationship. Not many couples can pull that off and pull it off so well!

    Zach is the man. Just lifting in his presence adds like 20 pounds to my lifts, no joke.

    Lastly, you guys should try the wings from Malucci’s if you haven’t already. I had 20 of the spicy honey bbq ones (weak, I know) for dinner last Friday…so good!

  • February 28, 2013

    Based on how much my wife loves it when I try to teach her things I might know a little more about than her, I wondered how it went with coaching/programming at the gym. I’m glad to see that it goes about as well with you two as it does with us. 😉

    Fun read. You guys are an inspiring couple. And I agree, females doing weighted pull-ups is a pretty badass thing.

  • Dana
    February 28, 2013


  • Mary
    February 28, 2013

    I can’t even say in words how much I love these guys. They are awesome in every way!!! Thanks for being such a great inspiration for CFDV!!!

  • Helen
    February 28, 2013

    I think Zach and Stacey may be the ‘original’ CrossFit power couple at CFDV! Love seeing both of them in the box – their work ethic and dedication is amazing. Not only that, they’re pretty darn fun to be around!

  • Coyle
    February 28, 2013

    I echo Helen’s comment. Definitely the OG CFDV couple.

  • Brittany Caprice
    February 28, 2013

    Love this!

  • Joy
    March 3, 2013

    Training with Zach in BBC was one of the best experiences I’ve had at CFDV. Zach is very knowledgable and really fun to train with. If I could afford it, I’d do another cycle stat. I miss it. Stacey and I hardly have any interaction but I’ve gotten to see her do ridiculous workouts and that girl will run a sled even in the snow. She’s crazy like that! ( I mean, dedicated. hahum.) I’ve always wanted to hear how they got together, glad they were one of the couples this month!

    PS. I have also witnessed Stacey getting pissed when Zach cues or trains her and it makes me giggle every time. :) keepin it real guys, I dig it.

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