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Unfortunately, Stronger Faster Healthier has raised their prices on Whey Protein and will now be charging us more for Pure Whey ($40) and Recovery Whey ($65).  We go through a LOT of protein.  And, we fork out a fair bit of cash each month to place our bulk order, without any guarantee on how much we’re going to sell.  This got me thinking…

I’m willing to offer the ‘old’ prices ($35 and $60, respectively) to anyone that pre-orders their proteinOrders will be ‘due’ by the 25th of each month.  Once the orders are collected, we’ll call SFH and when the protein comes in (around the 1st of the month), yours will be labeled and set aside for you. Any extra protein will be stocked as normal, at the new higher prices.

Are you guys interested in an arrangement like this?  If so, please comment.  If I can get enough folks to commit we’ll set up our next order (due to arrive next week) the ‘new’ way.  Thanks!

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