Upcoming Events: March & April 2013

It’s March and you know what that means…it’s time for the OPEN! If you haven’t yet registered to compete with CFDV, now is the time! Everyone is encouraged to sign up, no matter their skill level. We’ll be doing the Open WODs every Friday! There is also a slew of other fun things going on in the next few months. Yes, a slew! Sound off in the comments and tell us what you’re doing!

March 6: 2013 CrossFit Games Open begins! WOD 13.1 announced at 5PM PST.

March 8, 15, 22, 29, and April 5: Get your Liquid Snatch face on…CFDV does the Open WODs “Friday Night Lights” style!

March 9: Sacred Heart Shamrock Shuffle in Havertown.

March 16: O’Hara Leprechaun 5K Race at Cardinal O’Hara High School; Looney Leprechaun 10K at Tyler State Park.

March 23: GORUCK Challenge Philly

April 6: Civilian Military Combine: USS Intrepid in NYC.

April 7: 2013 CrossFit Games Open ends, but the Liquid Snatch goes on!

April 13: CrossFit West Chester: Fight for Food – Fundraiser WOD will benefit The Lord’s Pantry in Downington.

April 20: CFDV’s 2nd Annual Dog Day Afternoon: A Fundraiser for the DelCo SPCA – We’re bringing the puppies and kitties back! Join us again this year as we gather supplies to donate to our friends at the SPCA and do a WOD in honor of our furry friends! Read details on last year’s event here.

April 21: Attitude Nation Seminar at CrossFit Manayunk – a full day spent working on Oly lifts with Jon and Jessica North!

April 27: Iron Sport Power Classic – Zach and Dana are competing!

April 27-28: 2013 Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge in Laurel, MD.

May 5: CPR Course at CFDV. Register here. (Scroll down for link.)

May 18: Civilian Military Combine: Tri-State Mountain Assault at Camelback Mountain.

12 comments to Upcoming Events: March & April 2013

  • Don

    Is the Civilian Military Event something we are doing as a team? I’d definitely like to try one out, but would like to do it as a team for my first attempt at one. Is anyone else planning on participating?

  • Diana

    Hi Don – I’m planning to do the CMC in May too. I’m pretty sure a number of other CFDV people have signed up/will be signing up for it as well. I’m not sure if there’s an official “team” to register under or if everyone just sort of does it together – maybe someone who did it last year could let us know?

  • Brittany Caprice

    A few of us girls are doing the CMC, Don! It’s my first one too, join in!!

  • Andrew

    I believe that Stacie Marone did create a team for the CMC. From what I understood we have an unlimited amount of team members possible.

  • Don

    It’s actually my b-day weekend, so completing this can be cause for celebration afterwards! If I can still walk…

  • Annamarie

    I signed up as well. Never done anything like it either so here goes!

  • Kevin T

    im in for the CMC. it has a waterslide!!

  • Kara

    Hi all – if you have not yet registered for the CMC, I just received a discount code: CMC10. You can use it for any location. Good luck and have fun!

  • Kara

    Also, Larry and I are signed up for the Oly lifting seminar at CF Manayunk on 4/21 — happy birthday to ME!

  • Diana

    What heat time did everyone sign up for? Does it matter?

  • Brittany Caprice

    I did 10:30

  • Helen

    If you can get in the same heet with friends, it’s much better! Also, there was no water slide last year…just a wade through the pool thing at the end.

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