Level Test Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our first CFDV Level Test. We ended up running both the White and the Green levels and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. In no particular order, here are the names of the Athletes who passed:

White Band

Don Rugh
Kevin Plews
Brittany Caprice
Johnna Healey
Matt DeSanctis
Jaime Becker
Jason Bucci
Trip Thomas
Kristen Marconi
Mary D’Agostino
Kate Iommie
Gordon Marshall
Jeannette Salvey
Dan Aiken
Jeff Besnick

Green Band

Kara McDonald
Josh Proffitt
Ryan McElhenney
Jabari Whitehead
Bob Healey
Chris Foehl
Lauren Windell
Pete Carrea
Sheldon Danley
Eric Youngblood

Our next level test will be on March 16th and will comprise all three class hours (White and Green testing and Red).  The test originally scheduled for March 28th will be postponed, as it’s Easter Sunday.   Here are registration links for the tests:

CFDV Red Band – 0830, limited to 10 people

CFDV White Band – 0930, limited to 25 people

CFDV Green Band – 1030, limited to 15 people

Lastly, special thanks to the coaches who donated their time to facilitate the experience. Nice job, guys..!  :)

Please leave your comments and shout-outs in the comment area of this post. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please include those too.

12 comments to Level Test Results

  • Sheldon

    Obvious question…what’s the red test?

  • Rob

    Check the resources tab. I just uploaded it.

  • Sheldon

    Ooooooh, solid, especially in a one-hour period.

  • Kristen

    I request that you guys stop scheduling the test on days I already have something planned :( But, congrats to everyone who passed on Saturday!!!

  • Diana

    Same here, Kristen — Easter actually would have worked for me :)

  • Mary

    Red Band is a freaking AWESOME Goal….after I get through the white and green (which is making me a little nervous)..May have to stay in BBC a little longer…..Congrats to all who took the first test and led the way!!!

  • Brittany

    It was a lot of fun! I look forward to participating in the Green Band test in a few months! :-)

  • Don

    I think Phase 1 of the Red Band Test would make a nice WOD next month. Just sayin…

  • Joe C.

    Hey Rob,

    Im down here in JAX and I may try these Bands out as a weekend WOD.

    What would be appropriate rest between the 10 Green Band Activities and the 3 Red Band Phases?

    Obviously I dont have the Broomile, just a normal mile haha

    Hope all is well at CFDV! Good Luck to everyone who signed up in the open!

  • Dennis

    Is there a chance that the white band test would be rescheduled to the day before Easter?

  • Rob

    Joe – we didn’t use any set rest period between the Elements of the test. In fact, most of the group did things out of order with the Broomile coming right after the White Band test (we counted the row from the Metcon towards the Green band). I’d say to give 5-10 minutes recovery after the mile but other than that it’s pretty much straight through.

  • Joe C.

    Thanks Rob!

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