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CFDV Power Couple: Dawn & Alan


In the month of February, we’re celebrating our CFDV couples! Look for couple profiles throughout the month.

DawnAlanDawn Hayner & Alan Cohen, together for 10 years; married since August 2009.

How did you meet?
Dawn: We met at a school football game. A mutual friend wanted to introduce us before that but the second I saw him at the game I knew he was the one she wanted me to meet. Apparently we did meet before that but I was too frazzled to remember it.
Alan: Dawn and I met at the Ridley-Interboro Thanksgiving Day football game, 2003. As an Interboro alumni, I was captured by her Bucs sweatsuit. She then asked if she could quote my auto insurance.  I came to find out years later, it was a ploy to capture my credit score and criminal record.  She’s been tricking me ever since.

When did you start coming to CFDV? Whose idea was it?
Dawn: We started Crossfit about 2.5 years ago. It was Alan’s idea and I was in AZ visiting our daughter at the time and I was mad that he was going without me!
Alan: We came to Crossfit in October of 2011. One of my customers is a box owner in Williamstown, NJ, and on a separate occasion, I played a round of work golf with a full-out card carrying Crossfitter from Langhorne. After a 5-hour, full-on assault on a golf cart, I had to check it out.

What’s the best thing about CrossFitting with your significant other? What’s the worst?
Dawn: The best thing is that it is a major part of our lives so it is nice to share that. When we went to “that other gym” we would go and do our own thing and that was it. There was nothing exciting and new and fun about it. With Crossfit it makes it more fun that we’re doing the same thing and we can even talk about it after a workout. No one else in our lives wants to hear it anymore but thank god we have each other. :) I can’t think of anything negative about doing Crossfit together.
Alan: The best thing about Crossfitting with Dawn is continual push and nudge I need to keep my lazy butt going. She rarely take any of my excuses as a valid reason to play hooky. The worst thing is she has “jumped the f-ing shark.”  She reads upcoming workouts to me like it’s romantic poetry.  As I’m leaving for work in the morning, she will give me the details of the wod and ask my intentions.  There is no escape.

How has CFDV impacted your relationship?
Dawn: We have always had a great relationship and Alan made me realize that working out is just as good for my mind as it is my body. I think when we both go to Crossfit consistantly our moods are much better no matter what else is going on with work or kids or life in general. He may say he hates me a little after a workout that I “tricked” him into but I know he loves it!
Alan: The impact has been tremendous.  We’ve created a healthy lifestyle together, that now reaches well beyond Crossfit.

Are you competitive with each other?
Dawn: I am not. It does drive me crazy that I go much more than he does sometimes due to work and no matter what I still can’t seem to keep up with him when there is a run involved. Even with bad knees he still beats me! Someday…OK, maybe a little competitive. :)
Alan: I am no longer competitive with Dawn.  She passed me some time ago, and I’m just trying to hang on.  Just very proud of her.

Name a time when you were most proud or impressed with your significant other.
Dawn: I am always proud of him! He amazes me every day and I love it! He is the most supportive person I know.
Alan: Proud-first time she got up the rope, first handstand push ups and chest to bar pull-ups.  Impressed-Always.

Complete this sentence: If my significant other were an animal, he or she would be a (blank) because (blank):
Dawn: I would say he would be a lion. He is always in control and very comfortable with himself. He is a leader and a great teacher as well. Very smart and a good judge of character. He is always the rational one and when he puts his mind to something he sees it through. I guess that’s what a lion is like. :)
Alan: Part golden lab, part cat.  Lab for the mild manner, consistently happy, and warmth.  Cat for the independence and the slyness. Watch out.

You vs. your SO in a wing eating contest: who wins and why?
Dawn: Easy! Me! He is not a big fan of chicken…
Alan: Dawn would win a wing contest by a score of 2-0. Don’t do chicken. Dirty bird!!!!


  • Liz
    February 24, 2014

    Love these two! Proud to call them my friends. Always a pleasure wod’ing together!

  • Kristyn
    February 24, 2014

    Liz seriously stole the words out of my mouth. These 2 are awesome! Working out with them is always a blast and I am happy to have them as friends.

  • Jim
    February 24, 2014

    Dawn and Al are super wod killas. Love ’em. We may not send a team to regionals but we are forging elite awesomeness and Dawn and Al are leaders of the pack.

  • Helen
    February 24, 2014

    So glad to read this!! Love spending time with Dawn and Alan. Like Liz, proud to call them friends!

  • Tara
    February 24, 2014

    Love this cute couple, great people, great friends! I know the tricky part of a Dawn and I love it!

  • Amy B.
    February 25, 2014

    Great couple! I don’t get to workout with them much but usually get to watch them before my class time starts…both are super impressive. I’m in awe of Dawn’s push up and pull up skills!! She’s a bada**!!!

  • Mary
    February 25, 2014

    I love these 2..so fun to be around…

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