Stronger Faster Healthier July Preorder

We’re going to do a preorder of Stronger Faster Healthier products. In particular: Pure Whey, Recovery and Fish Oil. The protein powder flavor options will be vanilla or chocolate only. The fish oil flavor will only be lemon.

We like these products because they’re gluten-free and free of fillers (corn, soy, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, . . . → Read More: Stronger Faster Healthier July Preorder

June Workout Plan and Summer Schedule

For June we will be adding in double strength days. We’re still going to include an olympic lifting element to lead up to the CFDV Oly Meet on Sunday, June 22nd, but we are also going to focus on the back squat and front squat.

The back and front squat sessions will be done . . . → Read More: June Workout Plan and Summer Schedule

Announcing Flex Fridays!

Starting on Friday, June 6th, we’re going to start offering a new BBC class called “Flex Fridays” at 5pm. This session will be for female Unlimited CrossFit/BBC members only and will be taught by none other than Dana Rygwelski!

The focus of the class will be slow lifts like the squat, bench, and deadlift, . . . → Read More: Announcing Flex Fridays!

CFDV Throwback Jersey T-Shirt Pre-Order

This July 4th will mark CrossFit Delaware Valley’s 7th anniversary as an affiliate. That makes us the oldest and longest running affiliate in the greater Philadelphia area. Yaaaay us!

To commemorate this milestone, we’re rolling out a series of apparel with a throwback/vintage feel.

Our first offering is our throwback jersey shirt. The image . . . → Read More: CFDV Throwback Jersey T-Shirt Pre-Order

Membership Discount for Wawa Employees!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Wawa to offer an exclusive membership discount for their Associates! Just mention this promotion when you join and get 15% off of all membership dues (doesn’t apply to merchandise, PT, or other services). Tell your friends!


CrossFit Kids – NEW SCHEDULE

Following Maura’s departure from our staff (she recently accepted a full-time position with her local government), we’re going to re-launch our CrossFit Kids program with new hours. The new hours will be:

CrossFit Teens (ages 12-18) – Tuesdays, at 5pm in the Dungeon for ~60 minutes CrossFit Kids (ages 6-11) — Thursdays, at . . . → Read More: CrossFit Kids – NEW SCHEDULE

Harbinger Pre-Order

Items from top left corner going clockwise: Men’s Weight Belt, Women’s Weight Belt, Kettlebell Arm Guards, Wrist Wraps.

What’s in your gym bag? There’s a few things you should always carry with you: wrist wraps and a belt are a good place to start.

Wrist wraps help give you some added support in any . . . → Read More: Harbinger Pre-Order

The Road to RX Challenge

Every day there is a prescribed, or “RX’d,” version of the workout – meaning that is how the workout was originally intended to be done.

To do an “RX’d” workout means that you did the workout exactly as it was written: weight, movements, reps, rounds, distance, time, etc. Any changes to any parameters of . . . → Read More: The Road to RX Challenge

2014 Summer Student Special

Are you home for the summer from school or college and want to work out in a CrossFit gym? Then this special is for you!

What you get: This special includes unlimited access to our CrossFit, Elements, Bootcamp and Barbell Club classes. Check out our class schedule here.

How long is this promotion?: This promotion will . . . → Read More: 2014 Summer Student Special

Lean Out Club

Each person is different. We all have different genetics, metabolisms, and reactions to specific foods and beverages. There is no one dietary plan that works for everyone.

The Lean Out Club (LOC) takes an individualized approach to your nutrition, health and performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, looking to lose fat, . . . → Read More: Lean Out Club