CFDV In-House Olympic Lifting Competition

On Sunday, June 22nd at 11 am, join us for our first-ever Olympic Lifting meet. The meet is free and only open to CFDV members. Singlets are optional but fun is mandatory.

As in any traditional weightlifting meet, you will only have 3 attempts to find your heaviest snatch and clean and jerk in . . . → Read More: CFDV In-House Olympic Lifting Competition

Custom Programming at CrossFit Delaware Valley

At some point in your training you may need a plan tailored to your individual goals in order to bust through a plateau, fast-track your progress, and take your performance to a level you never thought possible. There are so many components in CrossFit to master that it can be overwhelming. Where do you even . . . → Read More: Custom Programming at CrossFit Delaware Valley

Pick Up Heavy Shit Women’s Tank Top Pre-Order

They’re back, and this time the guns are coming out! The Pick Up Heavy Shit shirt has been reborn as a tank top. Sorry fellas, this one’s just for the ladies.

This tank top will be produced on a Next Level Apparel women’s cut tank top. It is available to all the ladies near . . . → Read More: Pick Up Heavy Shit Women’s Tank Top Pre-Order

April Push-Up Challenge

The March Pull-Up Challenge was awesome! So many people got their first strict pull-up, first chest-to-bar pull-up, and much more. And since so many of you were so successful with that challenge, we want to present you with a new challenge: Push-Ups.

Not just any old push-up either. We want you all doing a . . . → Read More: April Push-Up Challenge

CFDV T-Shirt SALE!!!

We only have a few of these shirts left and in order to clear out our inventory we are slashing prices on all of our remaining stock. Everything must go!

Get a Competition shirt! Get a Legit shirt! Get a totally sweet Baseball shirt! Get a Sweat Angel shirt! Get a CFDV star shirt!

All . . . → Read More: CFDV T-Shirt SALE!!!

New BBC Open Gym

No. Not THIS Handsome Nick.

You guys asked for more Handsome Nick, so here’s your opportunity!

We’re going to start running a staffed Open Gym on Wednesday nights from 7-8pm in the Dungeon. Nick will be present to help you, and will sometimes create a group WOD (if he’s feeling nasty). This class, . . . → Read More: New BBC Open Gym

Advanced Programming – ON HOLD!

You may have noticed that there was no post this past Saturday. Unfortunately, based on the number of comments the past two posts have received, participation in the Advanced Programming has taken a dive since The Open started. I’m even guilty myself! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting it to happen. . . . → Read More: Advanced Programming – ON HOLD!

Pre-Order for CFDV Tank Tops

Spring is coming and that means sun’s out guns out. Show off them pipes with our new CFDV eagle tank tops designed by our very own Coach Kevin Belza.

This tank top is separate from the special edition Pull-Up Challenge tank top we will be giving away to all who complete the challenge.

The . . . → Read More: Pre-Order for CFDV Tank Tops

New ‘Advanced Programming’ Introduction


by Sheldon Danley

I am going to jump right in, because I have a lot to cover. The purpose of this post is to put the CFDV Competitor Class to rest (pour one out…) and give birth to what we shall call our new “Advanced Programming.” There are . . . → Read More: New ‘Advanced Programming’ Introduction

Try Kettlebells – Two Week Special for Unlimited Members!

A Kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannon ball with a handle. Known as a ‘girya’, Kettlebells have been a traditional Russian tool for extreme all-around fitness since the beginning of the 1700’s.

Kettlebell training can help push you to higher levels of all-around fitness and make you more capable; ramp up . . . → Read More: Try Kettlebells – Two Week Special for Unlimited Members!