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Coaches Roundtable: Just the Tip on the Overhead Squat

The question posed this week to the CFDV Coaches was this: What do you think is the biggest problem area that you’ve seen with the overhead squat and how do you go about correcting it? Rob: I believe that the best way to mobilize for the OHS is to do the OHS. If an athlete …


CFDV Run DMC-Inspired Shirts Pre-Order

It’s tricky to rock a rhyme but not to get the latest Run DMC-inspired CFDV gear! Shirts and tanks are $22 each or get both designs for $40. The t-shirts are men’s sizes and the tank tops are women’s sizes. We’d like the Del Val shirt/tank to be what everyone wears at this year’s Step …


CFDV Coaches Roundtable: Songs in the Key of PR

This will be the first in a series of posts in which I’ll pose a question or scenario to the CFDV coaches and the conversation that follows. For the first one, I thought we’d keep it fun and light and so I posed the following question: “What is your favorite song and/or album to have …


March Pull-Up Challenge

Many of you want to get your first pull-up. Some of you have pull-ups and want more. Some of you just want to hand out tickets to the gun show. All are legitimate goals. Spending more time on your pull-up work will get you there. This is why we’ve created the CFDV Pull-Up Challenge. During …


CFDV Band Tests Tomorrow

Hey guys, we will be running our Band Tests tomorrow during the 10:30 am class. So, there will be no CrossFit class during that time. If you’re interested in testing for one of the bands, please sign up in Wodify. You can review the band requirements here. Keep in mind that there will be no …


Meal Planning Workshop – Become a Ninja in the Kitchen

If you eat 3 meals a day, that’s 21 meals in a week. Making 21 individual meals can sound overwhelming. But what if you only had to make 5 meals in a week? And what if it only took you about 4 hours each week to plan, shop, and cook a week’s worth of meals? …


New Year’s Special!

We’re continuing our successful Holiday New Member Special with two offers for new January joiners: – $100 for a three-day a week (or 13 sessions for the month) membership. – $125 for an Unlimited monthly membership These prices are introductory only and open to new joiners. Prices will expire on January 31st! If you’d like …


BioSignature is Coming

You’ve probably been asking yourself, “What’s the deal with the creepy blue curtain in the corner?” That, my friends, is where the magic happens. In January 2013, CrossFit Delaware Valley will begin offering BioSignature Modulation through the Lean Out Club. BioSignature is a technique developed by renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. The process involves measuring …


Injuries as RX

In our line of Fitness, injuries will happen. Think about it: we throw shit-tons of weight around, climb ropes way up high in the sky, run Broomiles carrying odd objects, and push weighted sleds around an unevenly paved parking lot. And we do it all while sharing one bathroom. Injuries WILL happen. The question is …


How To Go From Good to Great in CrossFit

You’ve read 10 Tips For Success For the CrossFit Newbie. You know Why You Need to Get Stronger, and How To Keep a Workout Log. You work out consistently week after week, month after month. But now you’ve started to slow down. You used to PR every time you touched a barbell or did a …

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