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Big Gay WOD Recap

Over 50 athletes and another ~50 spectators came out to CrossFit Delaware Valley’s ‘Big Gay WOD’ on Saturday, April 26th for a fun day of competition. Big Gay WOD was created to give our LGBT members and friends an event that they could call their own, complete with tough workouts and a post-event beer party. …


CFDV In-House Olympic Lifting Competition

On Sunday, June 22nd at 11 am, join us for our first-ever Olympic Lifting meet. The meet is free and only open to CFDV members. Singlets are optional but fun is mandatory. As in any traditional weightlifting meet, you will only have 3 attempts to find your heaviest snatch and clean and jerk in that …


Girls on Girls II Registration Pre-Sale!

CrossFit Harmony will be running another Girls on Girls Competition on Saturday, May 31st at 0900. This is a female-only partner competition and the cost per team is $100 (includes a tshirt). For more information about the event, please visit www.GirlsonGirlsThrowdown.com. CFDV ladies are able to pre-register for this event! If you’re interested, please send an …


Advanced Programming – Phase 1 – Week 4

I apologize for the late post gentlefolk. Work life has caused me to take a mandatory “rest week”. Something tells me most people will be tackling 14.1 one more time tomorrow anyways! Snatch Snatch from blocks (or stacked plates) – In 12 minutes work up to a 1RM *The bar should be somewhere between mid-thigh …


March Pull-Up Challenge

Many of you want to get your first pull-up. Some of you have pull-ups and want more. Some of you just want to hand out tickets to the gun show. All are legitimate goals. Spending more time on your pull-up work will get you there. This is why we’ve created the CFDV Pull-Up Challenge. During …


Advanced Programming Phase 1 – Week 2

Now that we have a baseline, it’s time to start developing improvement in our chosen domains.  I hope you tracked your test results thoroughly and accurately because we will be referencing them often. Snatch 5 sets of 3 – Deficit Snatch Pull @ 100% of tested 1RM Squat Snatch.  This is NOT a high pull, …


Advanced Programming – Phase 1 Week 1

As promised, your first week of Advanced Programming is described below. This week will be mostly about testing. CrossFit is, at it’s roots, about measurable data. We can’t track your improvements without first establishing a baseline. Again, you are free to choose which of these categories fit your current goals. You do NOT have to …


New ‘Advanced Programming’ Introduction

by Sheldon Danley I am going to jump right in, because I have a lot to cover. The purpose of this post is to put the CFDV Competitor Class to rest (pour one out…) and give birth to what we shall call our new “Advanced Programming.” There are a few reasons for this, but the …


In-House Competition!

On Tuesday, July 16th at 7:30PM, CFDV will be holding our first In-House Competition! This is open to any and all members, regardless of band level. The comp will consist of two WODs. If you are interested in competing for a spot on our Liberty Box League teams, which starts in the fall, it is …


13.5 Words of Wisdom from Sheldon

Before you start reading, go start a stopwatch. I will come back to this at the end. Thirteen point five. The bittersweet end to the 2013 CrossFit Games Open. Don’t ask me which part is bitter and which part is sweet. The Open is always equal parts fun and stress for me, and probably everyone …

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