3 Quick Muscle-Up Tips

Here are three quick Muscle-Up tips from Rob and Chris. Thanks to Jacki for filming! We’re going to start running the occasional movement (and nutrition) clinics at partner gyms in the near future. To see our current schedule of off-site clinics, check this page.


Knee Pain and Squats

Here’s a short video on knee pain and squats, featuring Larry and Rob. If you ever have sore knees from CrossFit, then this one’s for you!

Targeting Weaknesses with Extra Work

Here’s a great example of some auxiliary programming that Christina is doing in addition to her regular CrossFit WODs.

On the left, Christina has identified some of the things that she considers to be weaknesses that she would to ‘shore up’. The right has her mini program, which is broken down into three workouts . . . → Read More: Targeting Weaknesses with Extra Work

Tom Cerecedes Clean PR

Tom Cerecedes Clean PR . . . → Read More: Tom Cerecedes Clean PR


Here’s Bill snatching 185 at his gym over in Morton. Solid!

Some Clean & Jerks…

Some Clean & Jerks… (VIDEO) . . . → Read More: Some Clean & Jerks…

Benching for Overhead Strength

Benching for Overhead Strength . . . → Read More: Benching for Overhead Strength

Why We Pull Our Chins Over the Bar

Why We Pull Our Chins Over the Bar . . . → Read More: Why We Pull Our Chins Over the Bar