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CFDV Coaches Roundtable: Songs in the Key of PR

This will be the first in a series of posts in which I’ll pose a question or scenario to the CFDV coaches and the conversation that follows. For the first one, I thought we’d keep it fun and light and so I posed the following question: “What is your favorite song and/or album to have …


Rep Max Training for Strength

We’re going to start doing more max rep sets in July, and I’m VERY excited about it! What’s a max rep set? Typically, we’ve used these at the end of three or five set workout where we put a ‘+’ next to the final set. These sets are meant to be a no-holds barred, go-for-broke affair …


5 Quick Workout Scaling Tips

Doing the workout of the day as “RX” is a goal for most CrossFitters, whether you’re an OG or brand spanking new. Depending on the workout, doing it exactly as it is written may be doable on some days and far beyond your means on others. While I admire the enthusiasm of an athlete who …


March Pullup Challenge Recap

During March, our athletes embarked on a quest to improve their pullup capacity via the CFDV Pullup Challenge. The task was simple: complete 350 pullups during the month of March, spread across (at least) 10 sessions. Each athlete could scale the challenge to their particular level, with some starting on Ring Rows or Banded Chinups. …


Injuries as RX

In our line of Fitness, injuries will happen. Think about it: we throw shit-tons of weight around, climb ropes way up high in the sky, run Broomiles carrying odd objects, and push weighted sleds around an unevenly paved parking lot. And we do it all while sharing one bathroom. Injuries WILL happen. The question is …


How To Go From Good to Great in CrossFit

You’ve read 10 Tips For Success For the CrossFit Newbie. You know Why You Need to Get Stronger, and How To Keep a Workout Log. You work out consistently week after week, month after month. But now you’ve started to slow down. You used to PR every time you touched a barbell or did a …


New Equipment Order from Harbinger

We’re going to be ordering more wrist wraps and belts soon from Harbinger Fitness. If any of you would like to order wraps or a belt, or something else from their catalog, let me know and I’ll place the order for you. The price list can be found below. Deadline is Monday, July 30th. HARBINGER …


How To Keep a Workout Log

It’s 5:30 am on a Tuesday and for some reason you’ve stumbled into the gym at this ungodly hour to do The Fitness. You go through your warm up, wipe the sleep from your eyes, realize that your shorts are on backwards (F’ it, who cares) and find the blood is finally making its way …


Why You Need to Get Stronger

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” ~ Mark Rippetoe There are plenty of good reasons to get stronger: a faster metabolism, stronger immune system, decreased fatigue, increased bone density and self-confidence, just to name a few. Chances are you’re not doing enough strength work each week. How …


Declaration of Fitness: Setting and Achieving Goals in Crossfit

Declaration of Fitness: Setting and Achieving Goals in Crossfit

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