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New CrossFit Kids Schedule

We’re going to continue running CrossFit Kids classes into the Fall, on this schedule (starts after Labor Day): Tuesdays @ 4:30pm: Kids (6-11) Tuesdays @ 5:15pm: Teens (12-18) Every other Saturday @ 9:30am: Teens (12-18) – Sept. 13th, Sept 27th, Oct 11th Every other Saturday @ 10:15am: Kids (6-11) – Sept. 13th, Sept 27th, Oct 11th …


CrossFit Teens Class Coming to CFDV!

CrossFit Teens class will be coming to CFDV April 7th! CrossFit Teens are for ages 12+. Like CrossFit Kids, this will be a fun and challenging class. Unlike the Kids class, we will be introducing the use of a barbells and weights. The Teens group will have more attention on strength, endurance and agility. Whether …


CrossFit Kids Athlete Spotlight: Sam Charney

Name: Sam Charney Age: 10 What are your hobbies and interests? Reading, Karate, CrossFit, Minecraft, Legos. What is your favorite sport? Do you play on a team? Karate. I play on a baseball team in the summer. What is your favorite movie or book? I can’t decide my favorite. I like everything I see or read. What …


CrossFit Kids Athlete Spotlight: Olivia Rugh

Name: Olivia Rugh Age: 8, almost 9 What are your hobbies and interests? My hobby is karate. I have a purple belt with a white stripe. My interests are CrossFit, music, dancing, and playing outside. What is your favorite sport? Do you play on a team? Softball, and yes I play on a team. My …


CrossFit Kids Schedule for July

We’re planning an expansion to our existing CF Kids program for July. Here are the deets: – CrossFit Kids will remain on Sunday, with class for children aged 6-11 at 1PM and children aged 12-17 at 2PM. – We will be hosting two additional CF Kids sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM for the …