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CrossFit Kids Nutritional Challenge – Starts TOMORROW!

We’re going to run our first ever Kids Nutrition Challenge at CFDV starting on Monday, January 5th. The challenge is designed to instill good eating and training habits and help our CF Kids athletes start the New Year right! The basic rules of the challenge are covered in the document below (along with a score …


New CrossFit Kids Schedule

We’re going to continue running CrossFit Kids classes into the Fall, on this schedule (starts after Labor Day): Tuesdays @ 4:30pm: Kids (6-11) Tuesdays @ 5:15pm: Teens (12-18) Every other Saturday @ 9:30am: Teens (12-18) – Sept. 13th, Sept 27th, Oct 11th Every other Saturday @ 10:15am: Kids (6-11) – Sept. 13th, Sept 27th, Oct 11th …


CrossFit Teens Class Coming to CFDV!

CrossFit Teens class will be coming to CFDV April 7th! CrossFit Teens are for ages 12+. Like CrossFit Kids, this will be a fun and challenging class. Unlike the Kids class, we will be introducing the use of a barbells and weights. The Teens group will have more attention on strength, endurance and agility. Whether …


CrossFit Kids Athlete Spotlight: Sam Charney

Name: Sam Charney Age: 10 What are your hobbies and interests? Reading, Karate, CrossFit, Minecraft, Legos. What is your favorite sport? Do you play on a team? Karate. I play on a baseball team in the summer. What is your favorite movie or book? I can’t decide my favorite. I like everything I see or read. What …


CrossFit Kids Athlete Spotlight: Olivia Rugh

Name: Olivia Rugh Age: 8, almost 9 What are your hobbies and interests? My hobby is karate. I have a purple belt with a white stripe. My interests are CrossFit, music, dancing, and playing outside. What is your favorite sport? Do you play on a team? Softball, and yes I play on a team. My …


CrossFit Kids Schedule for July

We’re planning an expansion to our existing CF Kids program for July. Here are the deets: – CrossFit Kids will remain on Sunday, with class for children aged 6-11 at 1PM and children aged 12-17 at 2PM. – We will be hosting two additional CF Kids sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM for the …