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2014 Surviving the Holidays Challenge and Workshop

In a time of year that is screaming CONSUME!, this challenge will serve as the much-needed accountability to not eat like an a$$hole during the holiday season. You can still have fun during the holidays without starting 2015 on the wrong foot. The Surviving the Holidays Challenge is a 3-week partner challenge beginning on 12/1 and …


Habits Challenge Measurement Schedule

Hey CFDVers, the Habits Challenge starts Monday (9/15)! If you’re planning on doing the challenge, you need to have your starting measurements done by Coach Larry this week. Here are the days and times he will be taking measurements. If you absolutely cannot make one of these times, please email him to make other arrangements. Wednesday: 6-6:30 …


2014 CFDV Habits Challenge

If something is important to you, you will find the time. If it’s not, you will find an excuse. Can improving your daily habits lead to losing body fat and an increase in performance in just 4 weeks? Take the 2014 CFDV Habits Challenge and find out! The full details of the challenge and list …


Fat Loss Challenge – Winners Announced and Other Success Stories

The scores are in. The measurements have all been taken. And now it’s time to announce the top male and female of the CFDV Fat Loss Challenge. First off, everyone did great. While there can be only one prize given out per gender, the results of this challenge are one of the best yet, and …


Fat Loss Challenge – Week 4 Bonus WOD and Standings

All right, folks, this is it: The last week of the Fat Loss Challenge. We’ve got a tight race going into this last week and all of you have been working hard and making noticeable progress. Remember, the tape measurements at the end of this week will show the real results of your hard work …


Fat Loss Challenge – Week 3 Bonus WOD and Standings

Halfway through this bad boy and the scores are close. Take it one day at a time and keep fighting for those points! When this challenge is over, treat yourself to a pair of Action Jeans. They’re perfect for roundhouse kicks.   Female Standings: 1.) Jacki – 163.5 2.) Ashley – 158 3.) Mary – …


Fat Loss Challenge – Week 2 Bonus WOD and Standings

Great job on Week 1, everybody! There’s a wide range of scores but there’s still plenty of time left to shake things up. Focus on eating real food, drink that damn water, make sleep more of a priority and you’ll be successful. Keep it up! It’s all about momentum. Here are the standings after the …


Fat Loss Challenge – Week 1 BONUS WOD

Thank you to everyone taking part in the Fat Loss Challenge. Each week I will post a bonus workout like the one below with an RX and Scaled version and details on how to earn bonus points for both. Here is Week 1’s bonus workout. With a 9-minute clock complete the following: Row 1000m then, …


CFDV Fat Loss Challenge

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that if you eat real food, watch your carb intake, and focus on getting more sleep, you will lose inches. I’m so sure of it that I’m giving $100 to both the top male and female in the CFDV Fat Loss Challenge. This is the first challenge we’ve ever …


Healthy Eating For Fat Loss Workshop and Challenge

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. You could be killing yourself in the gym 5 times a week but if you eat like crap, you’re not going to get the results you want. It’s simple but not easy. You need to eat better. You may think you eat well, but if you’re …

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