April Workout Plan

The only artist rendition of the Iron Throne approved by George R.R. Martin. Painting by Marc Simonetti.

We made it through the 2014 Open and one of the worst winters in history (hopefully it’s over). It’s time to celebrate. Let’s take the month of April off and drink!

Just kidding.

Sort of.

For April, . . . → Read More: April Workout Plan

March Workout Plan

At CrossFit Delaware Valley we do something each month that is unheard of at just about every other affiliate in the world: We publish our entire month’s programming in advance. And we’ve been doing it for years.

In March, we’re going to try something we’ve never done before in CrossFit Delaware Valley’s history. The . . . → Read More: March Workout Plan

February Workout Plan

February: A time for romance, over-priced dinners, and the greatest event in the history of sport. No, not the Winter Olympics. Ice dancing? Come on, how many of the 10 general physical skills are involved in that? Seven minutes of burpees to a fixed target? Now that is the truest test of fitness and . . . → Read More: February Workout Plan

January Workout Plan

In 2014, we as a gym want everyone in our fitness family to get amazing results in how you look, feel and perform. The key to all of that is consistency. Four out of five of our membership options are for Unlimited classes, and this is for a reason. If we offered a 2-days-per-week . . . → Read More: January Workout Plan

December Workout Plan

Here is the¬†December 2013 Programming. Drink it in. You’re not having hallucinations from the post-Thanksgiving over-indulgence. December is going to be a lot of work.

This month¬†will focus on high-volume strength work and unbroken sets in a lot of our metcons. On the close-grip bench and back squat strength days you will start by . . . → Read More: December Workout Plan

November Workout Plan

First off, I’d like to say that you all killed it in October. We tried something different last month with high-rep strength programming and all of the coaches were really impressed at how everyone took to it and found that extra gear. The October programming proved that you are all capable of a lot more . . . → Read More: November Workout Plan

October Workout Plan

Hey peeps, here’s the October Programming.

The goal for this month is to build strength endurance, so you will see some high-rep strength days for the Push Press, Front Squat and Hang Power Clean. We feel this will help carry well over into your metcons and build the capacity for you to accomplish more work . . . → Read More: October Workout Plan

September Workout Plan

Here’s the September workout plan.

September ’13 Training Plan

Some notes:

1) We’re going to try a few three-week strength cycles to get your numbers up a bit. I’ve included percentages that you can use to figure out where the sets should be. Don’t get too hung up on these if you don’t have accurate . . . → Read More: September Workout Plan

July/August Workout Plan

Here are the workout plans for July and August. We’re going to try and run this as written although we may make a few changes throughout the summer. Watch for more ‘medley’ days on the strength piece and quite a few Hero WODs.


July:August ’13 Training Plan

June Training Plan

June ’13 Training Plan

Here’s the training plan for June. Some thoughts:

1) You’re going to see a return to some Starting Strength style programming for the slow lifts, done on Monday or Tuesday each week. Please try to keep accurate records for these sessions so you can really try and push the numbers higher . . . → Read More: June Training Plan