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CFDV Band Levels

CFDV Bands

At CFDV, we believe that consistency and progression are the keys to any exercise program.  We also believe that since CrossFit is so broad in it’s application that it may be tough for some athletes to know where to focus their efforts.

With those things in mind, we’ve created a set of Level standards, similar to those found in a martial arts studio. The levels are divided by colors and each represents a different group of skills and fitness level. The tests are broad, and include strength, stamina and skill challenges. The standards are:

CFDV White Band – appropriate for a healthy beginner with 3-6 months of CrossFit experience. Light skill emphasis.

CFDV Green Band – appropriate for an intermediate Crossfitter with 3-12 months of experience. Bigger stamina and strength emphasis.

CFDV Red Band – appropriate for advanced practitioners with over a year of CrossFit experience. Skillwork intensive. Practice required!

Each level is tested in a specially-scheduled Level Test (typically on weekends).  Athletes must fulfill all of the requirements before moving onto the next ie. White before Green, Green before Red, etc. If you pass the test, you will be awarded a thin rubber band (above) to wear with pride! These bands are then used in class to help calibrate athletes against the daily workout, making it easier to determine your personal workout scaling.

If you are a new CrossFitter, please print off the White Band level sheet and start training towards meeting the standard.  Our coaches are here to help you and can offer advice on how best to approach the test, for your individual situation. Everything we do has a progression so don’t look at the Green or Red tests and think ‘I’ll never be able to do XYZ’. You CAN do it!!

Our next Band Test will occur on Saturday, April 19th. Watch our website for details!