Getting Started

CrossFit Delaware Valley offers training programs to athletes of all fitness levels, regardless of experience. We use CrossFit methodology and find that this system is best suited to those that are seeking broad fitness that is useful for many different sports and activities. Whether you enjoy running, gardening, or just playing with your kids, CrossFit will improve your fitness in ways you’ve never experienced!


I’m brand new to CrossFit. What should I expect during my first session?

getting started

If you’re new to CrossFit and want to try out our gym first before you decide if you’d like to join, you can come to any of our Elements classes listed on our Class Calendar. Before you arrive, please complete our Contact Form and our Online Waiver.

The class will start by talking a bit about CrossFit and explaining how the gym works. Then we warm up and explain the movements involved in the workout. Each athlete will do the same workout, but will receive a custom ‘scaling’ based on his or her abilities. From there, we execute the workout and coach you through it. The session ends with a cool-down and Q&A period.

If you decide you would like to join our gym, you must complete at least 10 classes in our Elements program before attending the main CrossFit group classes. 

During Elements, participants will learn the basic weightlifting movements, as well as build a foundation of cardiovascular conditioning, needed to succeed in CrossFit.

Our Elements program is designed to be a smaller and less-intimidating class environment that serves as an on-ramp to the main CrossFit class as well as a standalone program that an athlete can remain in for as long as he or she wants.


I’m an experienced CrossFitter, do I need to go through Elements?

If you’ve been CrossFitting for a year or more, you can do a Free Trial with our main CrossFit class before deciding if you’d like to join us. If you do decide to join the gym, you can test out of Elements by demonstrating competency in the following barbell movements: Back Squat, Push Press, Squat Clean & Split Jerk, Squat Snatch.

Interested in checking out a class at CrossFit Delaware Valley? Please complete this Contact Form to schedule your first class.