WOD 9.10.2014

Calf injury? No problem! #skateboard

Calf injury? No problem for Susan Joseph! #skateboard


Find 1RM Push Press

Find 1RM Front Squat


For time:

3 rounds of:
8 Front Squats
8 Bar Over Burpees

RX: 50% of 1RM
RX+: 60% of 1RM

Bar is taken from the floor.

Cash Out

3×5 Weighted Dips, Negatives or 3x Max Reps Pushups
Dips: Add 2.5 lbs from last week
Negatives: 2 second descent
Pushups: Move bar down one notch

Post results to Wodify.

Habits Challenge Measurement Schedule

Hey CFDVers, the Habits Challenge starts Monday (9/15)! If you’re planning on doing the challenge, you need to have your starting measurements done by Coach Larry this week. Here are the days and times he will be taking measurements. If you absolutely cannot make one of these times, please email him to make other arrangements.

Wednesday: 6-6:30 pm
Thursday: 10:30-11:00 am
Sunday: 9-10 am

WOD 9.9.2014

Congrats to Mike Glatts and Jim Heckman for competing in the Tri of the Wildwoods on Aug. 16!

Congrats to Mike Glatts and Jim Heckman for competing in the Tri of the Wildwoods on Aug. 16!

Monster Mash #6

Starting at 0:00

Power Cleans

Starting at 15:00

Toes to Bar

Starting at 35:00

Clean and Jerk
Box Jump

RX: 75/55, 24/20
RX+: 115/75, 30/24

Each workout is scored individually for time. Post results to Wodify.

WOD 9.8.2014

Ali Gurko

Ali Gurko

Main Site Monday – CrossFit Football
Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014

Complete 5 rounds for time:

5 Power Cleans
20 Double Unders

RX: 135/95
RX+: 185/120

Post results to Wodify.

Just another reason why CFDV’s Ladies Nights are so great! Wine and Exercise: A Promising Combination

WOD 9.6.2014


3 rounds for time:

26 Pullups
26 Thrusters
400m Run

After third round is completed, perform 27 burpees.

RX: 115/75, with a partner. Runs are done together. Reps are divided up as you wish.
RX+: Workout is done solo.

Today’s workout is in memory of Andrew Stowell, 26, who was a family friend of CFDV member Heather Wakefield. Andrew was a career EMT with the Cherry Hill Fire Department, a firefighter in Moorestown, and an emergency department nurse at Lourdes Medical Center in Willingboro. He was a CrossFitter at CrossFit Mount Laurel and the definition of an everyday hero. He loved (and hated) some of these movements.

Urban Dictionary: DelCo

WOD 9.5.2014

Jean Marie Abraitis recently visited Back Cove CrossFit in Portland.  "Even on vacation in Maine, CFDV has me working out. I was sweating beer, but no worries."

Jean Marie Abraitis recently visited Back Cove CrossFit in Portland. “Even on vacation in Maine, CFDV has me working out. I was sweating beer, but no worries.”


Press: Find 1RM.

Deadlift: Find 1RM.



Odds: 40m Farmers Carry
Evens: AMRAP Burpees

RX: 70/50 total per handle
RX+: 90/70 per handle

Handles weigh 20# each.  Score is total burpees.

Cash Out

3×5: Weighted Chins (add 2.5lbs), Negatives (2-second descent), or Single-Arm DB Row (same weight as last time)

Lies of the CrossFit Hater

Upcoming Events: Fall 2014

WOD4BeerClick here for a list of upcoming 5Ks and other races in our area!

September 6: WODMANIA II Team Comp at 13 Stripes CrossFit in Harrisburg; Starry Night Philadelphia 8.5K Run/Walk for The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

September 13: Civilian Military Combine: Urban Assault in Newtown Square – join the CFDV team!

September 15: Start of the 2014 CFDV Habits Challenge

September 20: Leader of the Pack at Arenal Fitness in Baltimore; Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli at CrossFit Ridge Ave

September 27: Girls on Girls III at CrossFit Harmony; South Philly Rumble at Fearless Athletics CrossFit South Philly; Keystone State Classic at Stroud CrossFit in Stroudsburg; Mike McKenna’s Weightlifting Clinic at CrossFit Hatfield

October 4: CFDV’s 4th Annual Will WOD for Beer2014 Hookgrip Classic at Liberty Barbell Club

October 11: Unite Fitness Decathlon in Newtown, PA; Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Aspire in Cherry Hill, NJ

October 18: Team SuperFit Philadelphia at CrossFit King of Prussia

October 18 & 19: Mountain Melee Team Comp and Masters Comp at CrossFit POCONO – held at Barley Creek Brewing Company!

October 25 & 26: Mayhem on Marshall at CrossFit Lancaster – the 25th is individual, 26th is team!

Week of October 27: CFDV Spirit Week and Homecoming Dance (tentative; details to come!)

November 1: GORUCK Light Philadelphia; Ghouls & Gals Team Comp at CrossFit Proven in Exton

November 15: CrossFit Mount Laurel Throwdown 2Lumber Games 2014 at Paul Bunyan CrossFit

November 16: Second Annual Step Up for Special Olympics

November 22: Stache Showdown at CrossFit Center City (partner competition)

Have anything to add? Please sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re doing! 

WOD 9.4.2014

Samm Stout

Samm Stout


Bench Press: Find 1RM.

Back Squat: Find 1RM.


7-minute AMRAP:

20m Overhead Walking Lunge
20m Broad Jump

RX: 45/25 Bumper

Cash Out

Weighted Dips (add 2.5 lbs) or Negatives (2-second descent): 3×5

Max Reps Pushups: 3 sets

Post results to Wodify.

ONE MONTH FROM TODAY: CFDV’s 4th Annual Will WOD for Beer on Saturday, Oct. 4th! Save the date!

Study: Avoiding Carbs and Eating More Fat Helps With Weight Loss, Cuts Heart Risks

2014 CFDV Habits Challenge

If something is important to you, you will find the time. If it’s not, you will find an excuse.

Can improving your daily habits lead to losing body fat and an increase in performance in just 4 weeks? Take the 2014 CFDV Habits Challenge and find out!

The full details of the challenge and list of the habits can be found in the link below, but here are the bullet points:

  • This is an individual challenge beginning on 9/15/14 and ending on 10/15/14.
  • Choose one of two tracks of participation: Newbie or Veteran (details in the link below).
  • You will choose 4 habits (ranked in order of importance) that you feel you need to work on and track them on a private score sheet. Choose wisely.
  • In Week 1, you start with your highest priority habit. Each week, you add one additional healthy habit that you will do each day. By Week 4, you will be doing all 4 habits each day.
  • You will track your progress in the daily habits on a private score sheet.
  • The daily habits do not count toward your point total. The score sheet is merely there to keep you accountable. Doing the habits will get you results.
  • Two ways to earn points: Inches lost and body fat lost, and how well you perform on the weekly bonus workouts.
  • All measurements and body fat results must be measured by Larry.

Investment: $40

2014 CFDV Habits Challenge

WOD 9.3.2014

Joe Buchanan

Joe Buchanan

Monster Mash #5

Starting at 0:00

4 rounds of:
8 DB Snatch (alternating)
16 Double Unders

Starting at 15:00

4 rounds of:
8 DB Goblet Squats
16 Pullups

Starting at 30:00

4 rounds of:
4 DB Clean & Jerk (R)
4 DB Clean & Jerk (L)
40m Shuttle Run

RX: 50/35
RX+: 70/50

Each workout is scored separately for time.

Cash Out

Tabata Squat Challenge

1.) In Week 1 establish a tough but doable baseline of reps that you can maintain for each interval of a Tabata workout (8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) in the Air Squat.

Enter this number in Wodify – not total reps.

2.) Each week, add 1 rep to that baseline and maintain it for each interval of the Tabata workout.

Example: in Week 1 you maintained 10 air squats every 20 seconds. In Week 2, you will maintain 11 air squats during each interval.

Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting (Ankle Mobility with K-Star)