WOD 4.7.2014

Name that farmers carrier.

Name that farmers carrier.

Main Site Monday: SealFit April 4, 2014

Complete the following for time:

Run 200m
20x Curtis P’s (75/55)
Run 400m
15x Curtis P’s (95/65)
Run 600m
10x Curtis P’s (135/95)
Run 800m
5x Curtis P’s (155/105)

Post results to Wodify.

Endurance WOD 4.6.2014

Endurance WOD 1

Time Trials – Establish a baseline in one or two of the following:

Ruck: 1 Broomile March (for time, 60/40 added to backpack)

Run: Broomile (for time)

Row: 2k (for time)

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WOD 4.5.2014

Silly CFDVers! Photo by Suzanne Rady.

Silly CFDVers! Photo by Suzanne Rady.


In teams of 3 complete the following 15-minute AMRAP:

Front Squat (115/75, taken from rack)
60m Farmers Carry (110/70, total per handle)
Medball Situps (20/14)

Farmers Carry is the rabbit. Score is total front squats + total medball situps.

Post results to Wodify.

1030 Olympic Lifting class for Saturday has been canceled, as Nick is sick. We will only be running 0830 and 0930 tomorrow. Feel better Handsome Nick!

Sleep Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

WOD 4.4.2014

CrossFit Total

The sum of the best of three attempts at:

Back Squat
Shoulder Press

Post total to Wodify.

The CrossFit Total

March Pullup Challenge Recap

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.50.04 AM

During March, our athletes embarked on a quest to improve their pullup capacity via the CFDV Pullup Challenge. The task was simple: complete 350 pullups during the month of March, spread across (at least) 10 sessions. Each athlete could scale the challenge to their particular level, with some starting on Ring Rows or Banded Chinups.

All month long, our folks would stay after class doing rep after rep, slowly getting stronger. Here’s a link to the original challenge.

Now that the challenge is completed, it’s time to celebrate our success! First, some numbers:

- Our of ~220 athletes, we had approximately 40 CrossFitters try the pullup challenge.

- We had 32 athletes complete the monthlong challenge, accumulating 350 (or more) pullups each.


- From that group of 32, we had 7 athletes (all ladies) go from ring rows/banded pullups to their first dead-hang strict chin up. Here are a couple of examples. We also had several first chest-to-bar pullups, strict muscle ups and other milestones!

All of these participants are now stronger, with more stability and power in their upper bodies. Their posture has improved, as has their grip strength. Many are reporting more definition in their back and arm musculature. In short, they’re performing AND looking better!

Most importantly, ALL of these athletes have learned the eternal lesson of goal setting (in or out of the gym): Set achievable goals, and slowly and consistently work until complete.

As a small reward for completing the challenge, each CFDV Pullup Challenge Finisher will receive a free tank-top. Show off those guns, y’all!


WOD 4.3.2014

Bob Steele does 14.5. Photo by Jim Heckman.

Bob Steele does 14.5. Photo by Jim Heckman.



Hang Power Clean (155/105)
Run 400m at the end of each rep round

Post results to Wodify.

Your Workout Looks Ridiculous

WOD 4.2.2014

Bobby Healey does 14.5. Photo by Jim Heckman.

Bobby Healey does 14.5. Photo by Jim Heckman.


Mind Eraser

20-minute AMRAP:

20m Bear Crawl
20m DB Walking Lunges (35/25)
20m Burpee Broad Jump
20 Russian KB Swings (53/35)

Score is rounds and reps, with 10m = 1 rep per round. Each round has 26 reps.

Post results to Wodify. Compare score to 1.9.2014.

Upcoming Events: April, May, June 2014

PushupsAin’t no foolin’ – we survived the Open, CFDV! Let’s celebrate by continuing the fun with all this good stuff:

All of April: Push-Up Challenge

April 10: CFDV Game of Thrones!

April 12: US Air Force Fitness Throwdown at NEPA CrossFit in Wilkes-Barre; First Responder Challenge at CrossFit Prime in Philadelphia

April 12 & 13: Generation Spring Classic Lifting Meet at CrossFit Generation

April 17 – 19: GORUCK Philadelphia

April 19: CFDV Band TestsFestivus Games at CrossFit South Philly (lots of CFDVers are competing!)

April 26: Big Gay WOD at CFDV; Master’s Comp at CrossFit Generation: age divisions are 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50+

May 3: FuBarbell Seminar at CrossFit 215; Mayhem in the Meadowlands at MetLife Stadium (Coach Lauren is competing!)

May 10: 215 Series – Strongman/Strongwoman Competition at CrossFit 215

May 17: Savage Race (join Jacki’s team, The Outta Breathalyzers!); Civilian Military Combine: Tri-State Mountain Assault (at Camelback in the Poconos); Lifting For Lily at CrossFit Rocksolid in Downingtown

May 17 & 18: Hopper Clash at CrossFit Laurel – team and individual comp with cash prizes!

May 26: Memorial Day Murph at CFDV

May 31: Girls on Girls II at CrossFit Harmony

June 7: ROC (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) Race at Citizen’s Bank Park – sign up with CFDV’s team CFDV Snatches & Jerks in wave 1!

June 20: Media 5-Mile Race

June 28: Battle Royale at CrossFit 717; CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course with Rob Orlando at CrossFit Hanover

Looking ahead…

July 25-27: 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games

July 26 & 27: USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Certification at NEPA CrossFit

September 13: Civilian Military Combine: Urban Assault (in Newtown Square!)

Have anything to add? Please sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re doing! 

WOD 4.1.2014

How many more? Photo by Jim Heckman.

How many more? Photo by Jim Heckman.


4 rounds for time:

8 Power Snatch (135/95)

Post results to Wodify.

April Push-Up Challenge

legit push up
The March Pull-Up Challenge was awesome! So many people got their first strict pull-up, first chest-to-bar pull-up, and much more. And since so many of you were so successful with that challenge, we want to present you with a new challenge: Push-Ups.

Not just any old push-up either. We want you all doing a Legit Push-Up.

A Legit Push-Up is what’s pictured to the left with sexy fitness model Gordon Marshall.

There are very few members of the gym who are currently doing legit push-ups. Even some of our best athletes in the gym can’t maintain a straight/hollow body position as they lower and press themselves off the floor and end up arching up and doing belly push-ups, not chest-to-the-floor push-ups.

This challenge will correct that.

For the April Push-Up Challenge we want you to do the majority of your reps as pictured above with a pvc stick tied tightly around your ribcage using a band to secure it. You must maintain 3 points of contact with the stick: head, mid-back and butt. Try worming, or doing belly push-ups, with a stick on your back. It’s just not possible!

Using the pvc in your working sets will force you to engage your midline throughout the movement. Worming and belly push-ups are a result of an inactive core during the movement.

There are two goals in the Push-Up Challenge:
1.) Reach 700 total reps (max of 50/day) by the end of April.

2.) Be able to complete a certain number of unbroken Legit Push-Ups by the end of the month based on competition levels and gender as listed below. Men’s reps are listed on the left. Women’s on the right.

Levels of Competition and Standards

Gold: 50/35 Unbroken Legit Push-Ups
Silver: 35/15 Unbroken Legit Push-Ups – This is for those who have some push-ups but are a little wormy.
Bronze: 10/3 Unbroken Legit Push-Ups –  This is for those folks working on getting their first real push-up.

When you are ready to test your Unbroken Legit Push-Ups, please use the following standards:

1.) All reps must be a controlled, full range-of-motion push-up with the pvc stick tied to your back.
2.) Hands can be placed no wider than 1 inch outside of your shoulder width, feet must be together.
3.) Elbows cannot flare out more than 45 degrees.

Scaling Options

For your first working set each day, try to get as many full range-of-motion reps on the floor as you can – Even if it’s only one good rep. Once those reps start to get sloppy and form breaks down, move to a barbell-in-a-rack setup and continue on from there.

Set the rack at a challenging height and keep your body in the same straight line with the pvc stick tied to your back, while lowering the bottom of your sternum (just below your nipples) to the bar. Every few days, try to move the rack height lower by a notch or two.

If you don’t have any push-ups currently, we want you to make the barbell push-ups as challenging as possible and try to get to the floor by the end of the month.

Other scaling options that will count for push-up reps if you currently have a few or no push-ups: Push-Ups on the floor with feet out wide (shortens the range of motion), Negative Push-Ups (5-second controlled descent to the floor equals 1 rep), Band-Assisted Push-Ups (use the thinnest band possible), Hollow Hold (10 seconds of a hollow hold equals 1 rep).

Same as with the Pull-Up Challenge, we will need you to record your daily reps and have it signed off by a trainer on your CFDV April Push-Up Challenge sheet. Remember: Max of 50 reps per day.