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CrossFit Delaware Valley currently employs six trainers at our Broomall facility. All of our staff are CrossFit Level One Trainers (at a minimum), although each have additional credentials listed below:

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Rob Miller

CF L4 Trainer / CCFT, CF Basic Barbell, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Endurance, CF Kids and CF Gymnastics.

Rob is the owner of CrossFit Delaware Valley. He is a long-standing member of the CrossFit HQ traveling certification team (since April 2008) and has helped countless Level One participants master the basics of CrossFit. He has taught CrossFit to prospective trainers in six countries. He has served as a Judge at the CrossFit Games (’10-’13), as well as Head Judge/Competition Director at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals (’12-’13). One of the original Philadelphia-based CrossFitters, Rob has helped several other individuals establish their own gyms and spread the benefits of functional fitness. 

I’m a 42-year-old father of two, originally from Springfield, PA. In 2010, I left my 10-year professional career in Information Technology and Human Resources to pursue CrossFit full-time. I play the bass guitar and sing, and hold a first-degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate. I’m obsessed with music and will gladly talk about classic rock and pop for hours.”


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Chris Foehl

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified), HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified) and a personal trainer through The American Sports and Fitness Association.

Chris was an athlete without a set sport until he found CrossFit. “I have tried just about every sport but always found myself getting bored and moving on.”  He had been a trainer and class room instructor for nearly two years in conventional gyms before he stumbled upon CFDV. “Immediately I was impressed with the idea and methodology of a sport that’s main concept was a constantly varied work load across a wide spectrum of fitness.”

Chris runs CFDV’s Kettlebell Club training classes and the early morning sessions.


Jacki Ford

CrossFit Level One Trainer.

‘I’ve been Crossfitting for nearly three years. When I first started, I hadn’t done any exercise regimen and scaled every single movement. I am forever growing as an athlete, and will always have obstacles to conquer, but I’ve come such a long way with hard work and excellent coaching.

As a coach, I use my experience as my drive to help others achieve their goals and help them see that with determination, anything is possible. Seeing someone master a movement they’ve been struggling with, and knowing I’ve helped them achieve that goal, makes me feel incredible!’


Nick O’Ryon

CrossFit Level One Trainer.

Nick joins us from Philadelphia Sports Club, where he works as a personal trainer and strength coach. “I have been a lifelong athlete and was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting at a relatively young age. For the last five years I have been coaching these lifts with sports teams and individuals. I began CrossFitting two years ago and have participated in several local competitions. I am very grateful and excited to be joining CFDV!”


Kevin Belza

CrossFit Level One Trainer.

Kevin was born in Virginia, and has lived in Michigan and Florida before moving to Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Florida and has played golf professionally for a number of years after college.

He was introduced to CrossFit by a friend who was doing CrossFit workouts by himself, in his garage. Unfortunately for Kevin, his friend did a poor job of selling how fun and effective CrossFit workouts were! Kevin didn’t try CrossFit until more than a year later, at the local affiliate gym, CrossFit Gainesville. Initially, Kevin was attracted to the coaching and the intense group workout. It didn’t take long for a healthy obsession to develop! He is a firm believer that hard work pays off, but as a competitor will often take the ‘work smarter not harder’ approach. As a coach he loves sharing his knowledge and experience to give others the tools they need to succeed.

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Lauren Klausner

CrossFit Level One Trainer

Lauren grew up in the small town of Falmouth, Maine, and originally moved to Philadelphia to pursue her college education.  She graduated with her bachelors in Business Administration from Temple University in 2004, and graduated with her Masters in Adult and Organizational Development in 2011.  Lauren began CrossFit in 2012 and was automatically attracted to its group atmosphere and intensity.  Coming from an athletic background of running, biking, and spending a lot of time in conventional gyms, Lauren was immediately drawn to the constantly varied movements and that CrossFit has to offer.  Lauren received her CrossFit Level One in 2013 and really enjoys sharing her love of fitness and helping others to succeed and reach their goals.


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Julie Sebastian

CrossFit Level One Trainer

Growing up in the Delaware County area, Julie began playing softball at the age of six.  After years of dedication to the sport, she was recruited to pitch and hit for Elizabethtown College’s softball team. Following her graduation from Elizabethtown in 2012, she began giving  pitching lessons to young girls in her area. Two years later she has grown her love for pitching and coaching into a small business along with taking on the role as the pitching and hitting coach for Marple High School’s varsity softball team. Wanting to continue her passion for sports, she was introduced to beginner Crossfit workouts in a local gym. Realizing the benefits physically and mentally that Crossfit has to offer, she joined Crossfit Harmony [our ‘sister’ gym in Edgemont, PA] soon after. Her love for the Crossfit community, coaches and challenging workouts led her to pursue her Level 1 in September, 2014. She is thrilled to incorporate another coaching avenue in her life and help others succeeded in their Crossfit journey.



Jaclyn Pavlos

CrossFit Level One Trainer

Jaclyn graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a BA in Equestrian Studies with a Business minor. While at SCAD, she competed with their Equestrian Team and really enjoyed the group camaraderie especially when it came to working out together as a team. Upon graduation, Jaclyn searched for a work out program that would challenge her but still be fresh and fun. She started working out with her friends in a local park doing “boot camp” style workouts and was loving the way it made her feel. Four months later, she moved up north to Newtown Square, PA to manage an equine farm and teach kids about horse care and riding. She had not heard about CrossFit until she met Stephen and their first “date” was at a CrossFit gym. She got her butt kicked and couldn’t walk for a week, but was instantly hooked and loved the community aspect. After two and a half years of CrossFit, she is in the best shape of her life and enjoys coaching others to achieve their fitness goals.


Stephen Sykes

CrossFit Level One Trainer
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Course

Ever since Stephen stepped into his first CrossFit box back in 2008, he has lived and breathed CrossFit. Growing up, Stephen was always physically active, but he began to take his strength and conditioning seriously when he joined the military in 2007. Stephen has earned Army and Air Force top physical training (PT) awards through his career which he attributes directly to his constant CrossFit training. Stephen always strives to better himself and takes pride in assisting others to reach new goals everyday.